For years, the gaming industry only looked one way. Yet, in recent times, it has undergone a transformative shift – the visibility of Black women gamers.

Black women gamers have always been present, but their recognition has surged recently. From content creators and professional gamers to developers and industry executives, their impact spans the breadth of the gaming world. As they navigate the gaming realm, these gamers continually challenge stereotypes, advocating for inclusivity and representation in the games and the broader gaming culture.

Here are five Black women gamers you need to know.

5 Black Women Gamers

These Black women gamers are changing the narrative, one game at a time. Through their platforms, they champion diversity, challenge the status quo, and inspire many to join the movement

Krystina Arielle

Credit: @krystinaarielle/Instagram

An undeniable force in the gaming community, Krystina is best known as the host of “Star Wars: The High Republic Show.” Beyond Star Wars, she actively engages with fans on Twitch. Her vibrant personality and insightful game commentaries have earned her a dedicated following. Krystina is also a strong advocate for inclusivity within the gaming world, constantly pushing for more representation.


Credit: @zombaekillz/Instagram

Recognized for her fiery spirit and fierce advocacy, ZombaeKillz is more than a gamer. On Twitch, she showcases diverse games and promotes underrepresented developers. As a vocal advocate, she challenges industry norms and advocates for more inclusivity. By using her platform, she educates many on the importance of diversity in gaming.

Jay-Ann Lopez

Credit: @jayannlopez_/Instagram

Founder of “Black Girl Gamers,” Jay-Ann has transformed the online gaming scene. She started this online community in 2015 to combat misogyny and racism. Today, it’s a bustling space with over 6000 members. The platform offers Black women a safe gaming space and creates opportunities. Under her leadership, “Black Girl Gamers” has partnered with big names, driving diversity forward.


In the world of Sims content creation, EbonixSims stands out prominently. She felt mainstream Sims content lacked diversity. Taking matters into her own hands, she started designing custom content. Now, players can access culturally diverse hairstyles, clothes, and more. Her designs reflect Black culture, filling a significant gap in the Sims community.

Simply Undrea

Credit: @simplyundrea/Instagram

A full-time variety streamer on Twitch, Simply Undrea has made her mark. Her gaming content is eclectic, spanning various genres and styles. What sets her apart is her commitment to fostering a positive community. She advocates for mental health awareness and emphasizes the importance of self-care. In addition, she frequently hosts discussions about the gaming industry’s future and its need for more inclusivity.