Black women yogis are all over the internet. The practice is more than a trend and pretty poses. Yoga has been saving Black women from excessive stress. With Black women are more susceptible to heart disease and chronic stress, a rolled-out mat and 20 quiet minutes could help invite more ease.

Living a stress-free life is a combination of mindset and habits. Yoga has been a key component in bettering mental and physical health and a key restoring health and happiness. Studies prove that practicing yoga can improve regulation of the sympathetic nervous system and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system.

Black women yogis are redefining true wellness. Here are some yogis that you should follow to embrace stress-free living.


Ember, or Journey To Leisure, is a lover of the movement and fluidity that yoga invites into your life. Taking yoga with her around the world serves as a constant reminder that the practice is a personal mood-boosting retreat. Pairing yoga challenges with affirmations, mantras and quotes makes this yogi so relatable and trusted.

Brown Yogi Girl

Finding space to stretch and love on your body isn’t always easy. Brown Yogi Girl creates content in abundance to keep you inspired. Beyond the immaculate aesthetics, yoga teacher Anabelle shares her experience of yoga and mindfulness. With Kemetic and other yoga flows centered, it is easier to indulge in yoga routines and somatic self-listening.

Tie Simpson

As the founder of Sisters of Yoga, Tie Simpson is dedicated to making moments of relaxation the norm. The beauty of yoga truly exists in finding joy and release in each movement in the segment. For years, Simpson has been a positive influence on this, trying every dreamy pose imaginable. Whether demonstrating the complicated poses for new yogis to practice or being in the present moment in full simplicity, Simpson has made yoga and wellness extremely irresistible.

Yogi Nico Marie

Black Yogi Nico Marie

Black Yogi Nico Marie knows how to get you out of your head and onto the mat. With a wide array of videos, Marie crafts her flows with challenge and joy in mind. This yogi has proven that Black joy belongs in the yoga community.