Blue Ivy Carter, firstborn of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, has often played a role in her mother’s projects. She has appeared in music videos and lent her voice to recordings. The first of which earned her a Grammy award back in 2021. Most recently, Blue Ivy performed alongside Beyoncé and her dancers during the Renaissance Tour.

Blue Ivy first performed choreography set to “My Power” and “Black Parade” during the Paris leg of the tour. Her moves were mostly met with heartwarming messages. However, there were a few criticisms online calling her choreography stiff. They were swiftly dispelled due to the facts that this was her first time dancing in front of a large audience, she isn’t a professional dancer and, most importantly, she is an 11-year-old child. 

Beyoncé shared an Instagram post celebrating her daughter’s performance.

“My beautiful first born 🙏🏾 I’m so proud and thankful to be your mama. You bring us so much joy, my sweet angel,” Beyoncé wrote.

Blue Ivy also performed at the London leg of the Renaissance Tour, reprising her stunning performance.

Sharing the Spotlight

There’s nothing like that mother, daughter bond and Beyoncé and Blue Ivy truly exemplify it. Below are some of the times the duo shared the superstar spotlight and both shined effortlessly bright.

A Cameo in the “My Power” Music Video

Decked out in a large black hat, and long braids, Blue Ivy was featured in the video for “My Power.” The famous song off Beyonce’s “The Gift” album was inspired by “The Lion King” live-action remake.

Sharing A Car Ride With Her Parents

Beyoncé and Jay-z starred in a Tiffany & Co. campaign in 2022. In a commercial for the company, Blue Ivy can be seen running after the car her parents are in before scooting in between them. 

Performing Alongside Beyonce in Dubai

Before she made it to the Renaissance Tour, Blue Ivy performed with Beyoncé at her highly anticipated Dubai performance. Blue Ivy was seen standing next to her mother wearing a radiant red outfit as the two performed “Brown Skin Girl”.

The Famous “Hi Mommy” Moment

Perhaps most notable for its vulnerability, another moment that captured Blue sharing the spotlight with her mother came during Beyonce’s rehearsal for the 2014 Grammy Awards. Just as Beyoncé sang the last few notes of her hit song “Drunk in Love,” Blue can be heard from somewhere in the room saying, “Hi Mommy” over a microphone.