According to a study by Minnesota State University, more than 90 percent of communication is nonverbal. Body language is like a code that expresses what a person is feeling. It can help people better understand themselves and lead to interacting more wisely with others.

Deciphering body language can drive quality communication. Nonverbal cues, like gestures, facial expressions, and small body movements, can signal chemistry and connection. Here are nine body language clues that might signal chemistry. 

Leaning Toward Someone

One way the human psyches might express romantic interest or chemistry is by leaning toward the other person. On the opposite end, when you are not attracted to someone you might lean away inadvertently. Pay attention to what your body language may be communicating without you knowing it.

Locked Eyes

Extended periods of eye contact indicate interest, intrigue and attention. If someone locks eyes with you every time you speak, it shows that they are in tune with you and that they care about what you have to say. 

A Gentle Caress 

A hand on the back, shoulder, thigh, or arm expresses care and support. A gentle caress might be an indication of concern or affection. It might also be a way to comfort or soothe. However, either way, it’s an indication of genuine interest. 

All Smiles

When you get around someone who you are interested in or have great chemistry with, you cannot help but smile. You might catch yourself grinning when nothing is funny. Take note of when you are with this person if you are all smiles and your spirits are instantly brightened. 

Licking Your Lips

When you have chemistry with someone, you might have a tendency to lick your lips. If you have undeniable chemistry with another person, a subtle lick of the lips might be your physiology expressing that. You also might lick your lips to express nervousness.

Playing With Your Hair

Another nonverbal indicator of chemistry is fidgeting with your hair. You might twirl your hair with your fingers. This small fidget might happen when you’re nervous or excited as you talk to another person. 

Fidgety or Sweaty Hands

If whenever you are with someone and your hands instantly get sweaty or fidgety, then it might be a nonverbal cue of attraction. If you don’t know what to do with your hands, then put them in your pockets or hold onto something. 

Open Physical Posture

When you’re uncomfortable around someone, your nonverbal cues might look like crossed arms, leaning away, and keeping a distance. However, when there is chemistry you might uncross your arms, stand a little closer, and point your feet toward the person. This shows you are interested and receptive.


One nonverbal cue that might indicate chemistry is mirroring. Subconsciously mimicking the other person’s pose or movements shows engagement and interest.