At this point, it's very clear that Chloe and Halle are the women of the moment. How clear, you may ask? Neutrogena clear, honey. The talented duo were just announced as the new faces of the iconic skincare brand, and, honestly, it's a perfect match. Not only are the pair incredibly talented, but they're also two of the most naturally beautiful women in the industry. It's no wonder why Neutrogena tapped them to do the classic face splash we all grew up idealizing.

The pair took to Instagram to share the news of the partnership and had this to say:

"SURPRISE! we are so excited to announce that we are the new faces of @Neutrogena! finding the perfect skincare routine is not easy, but with Neutrogena, we glow from the inside and out. we are so happy to be a part of such a beautiful family, and we are even more excited to share this journey with you all!"

They also hosted a Q&A on Twitter to discuss their skin issues and routines:

"We were on tour for three or four years, back-to-back almost," Halle added of her skincare journey, "And my skin would really just be like, 'Girl, what are you doing? Where are you?' So I really kind of got on a rhythm of taking care of my skin and knowing what works for me."

The lovely sisters are growing into their own women in front of our eyes, and we can't wait to see what's next for them both!