For decades, laying down those baby hairs has been embedded in the Black girl handbook. A style is not finished until we do a few swoops on our edges. Sometimes we even slick them back to create a polished look. Although this is a requirement for a look to come together, not everyone achieves it easily. Sweat plays a huge part in ruining a style. But the girls on TikTok have found a cheat code to keeping edges laid. The secret? Botox.

Many Black women have gone to extended lengths to make sure they can lay their edges down. From sprays, to gels, to edge control, the list goes on. Someone cracked the code with Botox and the word is spreading. According to a new report in The Washington Post, a large number of Black women are using Botox injections to secure their edges.

Why Does Botox Work For Edges?

Botox’s original purpose made women feel like they’ve reversed aging effects. It relaxes the muscles in the face that cause wrinkles. As its popularity grew, doctors began prescribing the drug to treat things like migraines, depression, overactive bladders as well as excessive sweating. Originally, it was an effective treatment for excessive sweating after being injected into a person’s underarms or hands. Now, our edges have entered into the chat.

The use of Botox injections help our edges because we no longer have to worry about sweating them out. The injections work to block the nerve signals responsible for producing sweat. This not only allows Black women to look gorgeous for longer amounts of time, but it also gives them freedom to literally move how they’d please.

“There are so many women, particularly Black women, who are not working out or not doing what they can do to best promote their cardiovascular health because they feel the constraints of always keeping their hair a certain way,” Michelle Henry, a Black dermatologist, told The Washington Post. “After they get Botox in their edges, I get reactions like ‘This has not only changed my ability to work out but it’s changed my work life.’”

The Logistics

Although this may seem like an easy fix, there a few things you should know before oyu commit to getting botox injections for your edges. You must remember that this isn’t a one time fix. Botox only works in the area of the injection for three to six months. Your doctor will evaluate how many times you need to come in to get a touch up.

It’s also important to nite that these injections are not cheap. They can range from anywhere between $300-$500 per session. Unless this is only a small drop in the bucket for you, justy make sure you budget for it every few months.

Lastly, just like any medical procedure, you have to keep in mind the side effects. Doctors warn their patients of pain or swelling in the injection site. There are other side effects such as flu-like symptoms or upset stomach. Some women have also experienced hair loss as a result of Botox injections, which would be the complete opposite of what you would be getting these injections for in the first place.

Some people also develop small bumps at the injection site that look like bee stings. Typically they go away within the first hour of treatment. After the procedure, patients are advised not to lie down or go to a sauna for four hours.

It’s important to keep in mind that while Botox is an FDA-approved drug, you should still proceed with caution. Botox is typically considered safe when administered in small doses by a licensed professional.