2023 is the year of growth and expansion for designer Brandon Blackwood. He was recently tapped by Ice Spice to create a look for the rapper’s new Teen Vogue cover shoot.

The brand’s Instagram pages shared the news early Tuesday.

“Our fav @icespice wears a full custom Brandon Blackwood look for the latest @teenvogue cover-story,” the caption read. “Featuring a red suede bralette, skirt, and oversized trench coat. Made in New York City.”

Blackwood has made it very clear that he is coming for the fashion designer crown. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the designer said that his goal in expanding his brand beyond bags was inclusivity.

“We’ve been really just trying to step outside the box so that our customers could all feel special while owning something. Whether it be sunglasses now, coats, bags, shoes,” Blackwood told the publication.

He even says that the brand is in fashion industry limbo right now because of its versatility.

“This brand is such an anomaly that it’s hard to even put us in any sort of category,” the designer told Harper’s Bazaar. “I for sure, a thousand percent, believe that if this was [a] white-owned company, or maybe a different person was running this, we would be seen as mainstream.”

Although he may feel as though the brand has not hit the mainstream yet, Blackwood has most certainly caught the eyes of some very important people. Like Ice Spice, several celebrities have tapped the designer to create looks for them.

Celebs In Brandon Blackwood Designs

Back in February, Blackwood designed a gown for tennis legend, Serena Willaims. When discussing the opportunity with Insider, he said this was not a collaboration he was expecting at all.

“Serena Williams is an icon, and I did not think that it would happen. She hit us up, we did it, and she looked amazing. So, I’m not going to ever decline potential big moments. Whatever comes for us, we’re ready for it,” Blackwood told Insider.

In that same interview, he was asked if there was anyone he dreamed of styling. He answered Beyoncé, not knowing that his dreams were about to be fulfilled.

Only a week after Beyoncé kicked off her Renaissance World Tour, the designer announced that he designed an entire head to toe look for the icon. In one of the posts he made showcasing the look he mentioned that he is still in awe.

“This is a dream come true cousins. I can’t believe it,” Blackwood wrote.