The Brooklyn Public Library wants to help Black women in underpaying jobs level up.

The institution announced the new LevelUP initiative which will give Black women in underserved communities and low-paying positions, an opportunity to set themselves up for success. It’s intended to help them with career growth and building wealth.

How BPL Will LevelUP

The program will serve 120 women over a two-year period. It will provide participants with assistance in different life areas all while providing mentorship to each individual. There are three career tracks that will be focused on: real estate, finance, and technology.

These efforts are all backed by Goldman Sachs. The bank awarded the program with a $500,000 grant through its One Million Black Women initiative.

Arcola Robinson, Program Coordinator of the Business and Career Center at BPL said in a press release that the program plans to have a large impact on the community.

“The very mission of Brooklyn Public Library is to provide free and equal access to information, so we are especially delighted to partner with Goldman Sachs to provide LevelUP, a program for Black women in Brooklyn to advance professionally and build wealth,” Robinson said.

Participants will have access to an extensive suite of free resources, classes and counseling in BPL’s Business and Career Center. LevelUP will also help build a more equitable and a brighter future not just for Black women, but for the Brooklyn borough as a whole.

LevelUP will offer three 10-week intensive program cycles, focusing on one of the career tracks at a time. Throughout the program, participants will develop milestone charts and financial plans. The go-getters who make progress towards their goals will qualify for $500 towards certification or professional development costs. Additionally, the participants will be able to shadow industry mentors. One-on-one sessions with members of the Community Service Society of New York will be available to participants. These individuals will provide support to participants both during and after the program.

Interested applicants can visit the BPL website, or stop by in person to attend an information session.