The celebration of Juneteenth is special for Black people all across America. They are given the opportunity to officially celebrate the freedom of their ancestors from slavery and often come together as a community to push and influence generations to dream big. This year, one foundation aims to finally give descendants of slaves some reparations for the labor of those who came before them.

According to the Star Tribune, the Bush Foundation will issue $50 million to slave descendants in Minnesota and the Dakotas. To help take on the hefty task, the organization will be working in collaboration with Nexus Community Partners of St. Paul. The effort will take place over 8 years with the intention to build Black wealth. The Open Road Fund is the first of its kind in Minnesota. Additionally, it is one of the first programs nationwide to give grants to slave descendants.

The program aims to disperse funds to over 8000 people with the application opening on the Juneteenth holiday.

“Through this $50 million Open Road Fund, Nexus has a chance to provide a return on the investment Black folks have long made to this country and create Black wealth,” said Nexus CEO Repa Mekha. “To us, Black wealth-building is about creating spaces and opportunities that help all Black people to thrive.”

The program specifically encourages underrepresented sectors in the Black community to apply. This includes single parents, as well as members of the LGBTQ community. Applicants must live in Minnesota, South or North Dakota. They must also be a descendant of the Atlantic slave trade, including the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America. Those who are descendants of formerly enslaved people who repatriated to Africa also are eligible. Those interested may apply on the Bush Foundation’s website. Applications close July 28th.