With the possibility of federal marijuana legalization on the horizon, you may only think this is a win only for the stoners. On the contrary, marijuana has several uses! You can use the flower for more than a fun night with friends. Whether you’re smoking it, infusing it or anything in between, here are some tips for incorporating cannabis into your wellness routine.


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Jumpstarting Your Morning With Cannabis

When you think of starting your morning with cannabis, you might automatically think “wake and bake.” Even though smoking to start your day might seem ideal, it isn’t always feasible. As an alternative, try starting your morning with CBD. Adding CBD to your morning tea or coffee can help you kick start your day with a more relaxed mindset. You could add a couple of drops of CBD tincture in your morning drink or take a CBD tablet in the morning with the rest of your supplements.

Working Out With Cannabis

Cannabis can also help improve your workout. Adding your preferred tincture to your water or workout beverage could help enhance your performance. With cardio and weight lifting, for example, adding cannabis can help you lift more, run longer or faster as well as assisting with recovery.

Some take CBD before workouts because it has been proven to have anti-inflammatory effects. Some prefer THC before a workout in the form of micro dosing or dabs to help with energy.

Typically Sativa and Sativa-hybrid products are best for physical activity due to its energizing properties. But you may find a strain that works best for your body.


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Mindfulness With Cannabis

If you ask anyone who is keen to mindfulness practices, they would say that meditation is a great practice to achieve a better mindset. Many tend to overlook that mediation is a great way to work towards overall wellness. A large issue many face with the practice, however, are difficulties with relaxing, slowing down their thoughts, and focusing their minds. Luckily, this is where cannabis comes in to the picture. Using cannabis helps elements like your mood, behavior and thought development engage and create relaxing effects.

Instead of coming home and facing a blunt after work, you can be more intentional with your decompression routine. Whether it be intentional breath work, a full out meditation session or just a few deep breaths, it is an opportunity to use cannabis to its fullest potential.

Skincare With Cannabis

Maintaining healthy skin is a large component to overall wellbeing.  Cannabis and CBD products can assist with that.

There are a variety of CBD and THC skin topicals to boost your skincare routine. The two are anti-inflammatories, meaning they are beneficial for reducing skin inflammation and impurities.

You can use a topical moisturizer daily to keep your skin hydrated. You will definitely notice your skin feeling more nourished and healthy in a matter of weeks.

Enhancing Bedtime Routines With Cannabis

Sleep is an important to overall wellbeing  and the refreshing of your mind and body. When it comes to maintaining healthy sleep pattern, some use cannabis to assist with their bedtime routine. You could use tinctures, pills, edibles, or even just smoking cannabis. If falling asleep high and the grogginess that comes along with that is not something you’d like to opt for, you could just turn to CBD.


You can always experiment with cannabis products to find what works for you to get a good night’s sleep. Indica or indica-dominant products are typically the best for sleep due to its body heavy, euphoric, sleep inducing effects.


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Tips For Cannabis Use

When trying to incorporate cannabis with your wellness route, keep in mind that everybody is different as well as everyone’s experience with the flower. Try to keep a journal when using cannabis for different reasons so you can track how certain strains and activities with those strains made you feel.  In your journal you should note if its THC or CBD, the strain name, product used, the dosage, whether if it is Indica, Sativa or a hybrid and what you experienced while using it. This will help you figure out what is best for you as you experiment so you can find the best method for you!


Remember to take your time and don’t give up. Just like any other new thing you’re trying, there are going to be trials and tribulations until you find a sweet spot.