Cardi B is a suspect for battery after throwing her microphone at a fan who tossed a drink at the rapper in the middle of a performance. TMZ reports that the mic hit the person who threw the drink at Cardi B then bounced and hit another woman in the crowd. At this time, it is unclear which of the women reported the incident to the police.

The “Up” rapper was performing her hit song “Bodak Yellow” at Drai’s Beachclub on Saturday when the incident took place. After the audience member threw the drink at her, Cardi B stopped her performance, threw her microphone and proceeded to berate the culprit.

The video has been viewed on Twitter over 100 million times and the incident has become an instant meme. The incident has also quickly fed into the rising trend of badly behaved concertgoers, throwing objects at artists onstage.

In the past few months, artists like Bebe Rexha and Lil Nas X have been thrown objects while they were performing, with Rexha sustaining serious injuries.

A Possible Misunderstanding

The Cardi B incident has been garnering immense interest and renewing conversations around concert etiquette. The viral video shows Cardi B onstage, throwing her microphone at the culprit shortly after the drink landed on her. Another video posted on TikTok by user, @mayaahk shows another angle where the culprit, after throwing the drink proceeds to apologize for their behavior. The video continues as the culprit was escorted out by security while “Bodak Yellow” continues to play in the background. 

Late Sunday, another video of the incident surfaced online where Cardi B encourages fans and attendees at the Drais’ Beachclub to throw some water on her. In the video, Cardi B can be seen dancing as attendees throw drinks and water to help her cool off. In the same clip, she goes on to tell the audience that she essentially wanted them to splash her underparts and not her face.

The statement, which she reportedly made after the microphone-throwing fiasco, suggests that she may have thrown the microphone earlier because the drink landed on her face and hair. Cardi B is yet to release a statement on the matter but she retweeted one of her fan pages that shared the video.