Cardi B took a trip to her old school today looking as stunning as ever. But not only did she visit, she left them with a pretty big gift!


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The “Bodak Yellow” rapper posted a video on her Instagram story saying “I hope today is not a tearjerker day for me,” while on her way to I.S. 232 in The Bronx, where she was once a student. She stopped by the school as part of a tour with the nonprofit Community Capacity Development.

She spoke to the students about her time there and gave them some life advice. “When you’re 14, when you’re 15, when you’re 18 and when you’re 21, make sure you think long-term,” she mentions to the students.

Cardi has already made stops in Brooklyn and Queens with Community Capacity Development. Its mission is to “uproot the systemic challenges facing marginalized communities of color,” according its website.

After surprising the students (as well as the principal) and answering a few questions from the students, she presented the school with a $100,000 donation which she says goes towards after-school programs, including tutoring and music/dance.

The students cheered and jumped for joy and the staff members were almost in tears.

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