Duck nails are a trend from Y2K that many thought (and prayed) would never see the light again. Thanks to Tiktok, the trend is now back and has even made its way over to the stars! Cardi B has seemed to taken a liking to the wide-tipped nails and it seems as though the style may possibly be stamped as the new go-to look.

On Wednesday, Cardi posted her new nail designs to her Instagram story and fans have been in love with them. In her newest set, she really channeled her inner Y2K youth. The set has exaggerated french tips, cherry decals and red gems.

It is not news that Cardi B is keen to the trends on social media. She even started a whole onion water craze when she posted about her natural hair growth secrets. Although we don’t know if this was the brain child of her or her extremely talented nail tech, Jenny Bui, we do know the two always keep their ears to the streets to see what the latest trends are. 

The style could also be referred to as “Jersey nails,” and for some reason keeps making a comeback every few years. This resurgence is due to the craze of Y2K fashions making their return. The velour sweat suits, mini skirts and low-rise jeans an exposed thong would not be complete without the duck nail.

Although duck nails still haven’t fully gotten a wide range of approval, duck nails continue to trend on social media with over 15.1 million views for the #ducknails hashtag on TikTok and more than five thousand posts for the same on Instagram. This resurgence of the trend may finally get it’s heyday, as this is the first time it has the beauty of social media to back up its popularity.

Will duck nails finally reign as the supreme nail design? We can only wait and see.