An Alabama family is praying for the safe return of 25-year-old Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell after the woman went missing late Thursday night in Hoover, AL.

According to Hoover police, Russell called their 911 center around 9:30 p.m. July 13. She reported seeing a toddler on the side of Interstate 459 near mile marker 11. After speaking to 911, family says she stopped to check on the child while on the phone with her sister-in-law.

“In the process at some point she got out of the car and my daughter-in-law could hear her asking the child if they were OK. The child did not respond, or at least she did not hear her respond, he or she respond. And then she heard our daughter Carlee scream and from there on all we could hear was noise…background noise in her phone which we later found out was noise from the interstate,” Carlee Russell’s mother, Talithia Russell, told WBRC News.

According to the outlet, authorities were unable to find Russell or a child in the area when they arrived on the scene following the 911 call. Hoover Police have not received any other calls of someone missing a small child.

Authorities found Carlee’s wig, hat and cell phone close to her car. Talithia Russell says that since her wig came off, Carlee’s hair will be braided down to her scalp. Carlee Russell is described as a 5 foot 4 inch Black woman weighing between 150 to 160 pounds.

On Facebook, Talithia Russell has been providing updates and asking for support in the family’s search for the 25 year old.

“Please check hotels, gas stations, rest stops and be mindful of anything that looks suspicious. Whoever abducted her may be in a Grey car,” Talithia wrote.

The family has continued to search for the missing woman with the help of family and friends. Posts about Russell’s possible abduction have been shared widely on social media. Many users pointing to the scary possibility that the young woman may have been lured in by someone using a child as bait.

Talithia says she is staying positive in the midst of this terrifying situation.

“We are not receiving any negative thoughts. God is faithful and Carlee will be found safe and free from all hurt, harm and danger,” the mother wrote.