Brooklyn based hair care company, Carol’s Daughter has partnered with the Mama Glow Foundation to launch Love Delivered. The initiative is to raise awareness about Black Maternal Health. It also plans to directly engage people to be advocates for Black birthing people and babies. What better way to kick things off with an old-fashioned block party and 21Ninety was front and center for the festivities.

Love Delivered Block Party Black Maternal Health

The event was filled with nothing but Black girl magic! The moment we stepped on to the scene we were greeted by a team to check us in and give us a rundown about the event. From a live DJ, to seated yoga demonstration, to a mother’s lounge as well as free raffle giveaways, there was no end to the amount of activities and care the team took to make sure everyone was tended to.

The block party also had a slew of Black-owned vendors, many that focus on motherhood and children. Vendors included Lotus in Violet, Irth, Mila Christina and more! The Mama Glow Foundation not only was a partner for the event but also had its own booth to raise awareness around Black doulas. When speaking with founder Latham Thomas about the event she mentioned, “[the block party] is about celebrating doulas and midwives and all the folks who are part of our solutions.”

We have to address the systemic racism, we have to address the mortality rate but we also want women and birthing people to reclaim their birthing process.

-Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter

We even had a chance to sit down with Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price. Price mentioned the Love Delivered initiative has been in the works since 2020. “Now we are at a phase where we are able to help fund scholarships for people who want to do training to become doulas,” she mentioned, “what that does is give birthing people an advocate when they’re in the hospital, to be able to navigate that world for them and circumvent some of the things that kind of happen because hospitals operate very much like a system.”

As well as having a rocking block party, Carol’s Daughter has also committed additional funds to the Mama Glow Foundation for doula grants. The grants will be specifically used to help Black families by funding doula services. Individuals and families who are in need of doula services in the NY, D.C. Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles area able to apply now.

If you want to join Carol’s Daughter in the fight for Black Maternal Health head over to Make sure to also follow @CarolsDaughter and @MamaGlow on Instagram for program announcements and information.