Carnival season has arrived. After months of hitting the gym, staying hydrated and getting that endurance up, the time has come to travel from country to country and dance in the streets. People from all across the globe head to their native countries or a country they just want to visit to enjoy the music and culture.

What Is Carnival?

Carnival is a vibrant and colorful celebration that occurs in many Caribbean countries. It’s significant part of of many country’s cultural heritage. People come together and celebrate with music, dance, costumes, and good traditional cuisine. The festival usually takes place in different times throughout the summer and is celebrated in different ways throughout the Caribbean.

“Playing mas” is the act of participating in the masquerade or parade with a group or band. The group of people associated with each particular band dress in a similar fashion with elaborate and often colorful costumes. The costumes are usually made of feathers, sequins, beads, and other materials. They are both eye-catching and elaborate. This is one of the most popular and highly anticipated aspects of carnival. Participants spend months preparing their costumes and practicing their dance moves.

Some of your favorite celebs played mas in some of the carnival celebrations we’ve seen so far this year. 21Ninety has rounded up a few for you.

Celebs Who Played Mas At Carnival This Year

Of course, Trinidadian queen, Nicki Minaj, has to start the list off. The rapper touched down in Trinidad this year for their carnival. Typically she visits often as this is the land her family is from.

Singer, Ayra Starr was up next in the Trinidad carnival roll call. She wore a beautiful costume with cool and earth tones along with large wings to match her large personality. She even danced barefoot in the streets.

Winnie Harlow made her way to Jamaica’s carnival, called Bacchanal Jamaica, this year. Other celebrities like Chance the Rapper, Omarion and his brother O’Ryan joined Harlow.

As the carnival season continues, many fans are looking forward to seeing what their favs will be wearing when they pull up to the rest of the countries participating.