Premiering on ABC June 26th, Bachelorette fans were in for a long-awaited debut of the show’s 4th ever Black Bachelorette (yes that’s right, the fourth Bachelorette ever to be featured on the show in 18 years and within the 40 seasons it’s aired on national TV). And though we still have a long way to go when it comes to featuring Black women leads, especially leads of darker skin tones and complexions, season 20 of The Bachelorette is undoubtedly a start in the right direction. Turning the heads of fans both on and off the TV, the 5- foot-seven, 27-year-old Bachelorette, Charity Lawson, is sparking a wave of positive reactions from fans. I mean, who can truly be against it? She’s stunning, well-mannered, graceful, and confident, which are all of the qualities a potential romantic partner would want. Surely enough, when graced with the presence of a gorgeous Black woman lead on TV, it’s hard not to turn your head and ask who must this it-girl be? (It’s okay, we’re thinking the same thing.)

Whether it’s her glowing white smile or her rich complexion, Lawson is surely winning us over each and every episode. Below, we’ve gathered a list of all there is to know about her and her claim to Bachelorette stardom.

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How Tall is Charity Lawson?

Coming in at 5-foot-seven, Charity has the average height needed to be a model in the industry (though modeling height criteria are constantly changing). She has dark brown hair and eyes and is 27 years old (she’s a Capricorn for those who are wondering).

Where Was Charity Lawson Born?

Charity Lawson was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia where she attended high school. She is the daughter of David and Vickie Lawson, has an older brother named Nehemiah, and an older sister named Amiyaka. Fans were first introduced to Charity’s brother during hometown visits on the 26th season of the bachelor. During the hometown episodes, Nehemiah was shown to be very protective of his little sister and often cautioned her that other women were involved.

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Where Did Charity Lawson Go To School?

Lawson attended school at Auburn University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Science Rehabilitation and Disability Studies and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2022. She expressed her gratitude and excitement about graduating from school in an Instagram post shortly after her graduation in May 2022 where she stated, “The joy that comes with obtaining a degree the second time around is so much sweeter when you gain confirmation that it is exactly one of the things God has called you to do. The last two years has challenged me every single day in the areas of personal growth, but also in my professional identity as a therapist.”

What Does Charity Do For A Living?

Lawson works as a child and family therapist at a child advocacy center. According to her Linkedin, her interests include trauma, child development disorders, anxiety, veterans, and families to name a few. She stated in an Instagram post that “This field of work is so beautiful, and I’m passionate about always advocating for mental health in today’s society. One of the most powerful tools we as humans have is our minds, it’s important we treat it as such, and take care of it.”

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Was Charity Lawson On The Bachelor Franchise Prior To Being On The Bachelorette?

Lawson was in fact a contestant on season 27 of The Bachelor with Zach Shallcross. On the season, she came in fourth place almost making it to the final round. After making it to the hometown episode, Lawson told Zach that she was falling in love with him, however, the feelings were not reciprocated by Shallcross. “You deserve all the love,” Shallcross told Lawson. “I couldn’t give it to you,” he explained after the fourth rose ceremony. He later described that moment as the hardest choice he’s had to make.

Who Is Charity Lawson’s Ex-Boyfriend Prior To Zach Shallcross?

There’s always that one ex that can’t avoid really screwing things up. After undergoing a history of abusive relationships, Charity disclosed on episode 6 of The Bachelor that her prior relationship with her ex was emotionally abusive and that he had not been faithful to her. She also disclosed that her previous relationship nearly destroyed her, but after spending time with Zach, she began to come out of her shell more and more.