The British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame is the hair world's version of the Oscars. And like many of our Black counterparts making history at The Academy's coveted film event, this year Charlotte Mensah became the first Black woman to be inducted into the Hairdressing Hall of Fame. For beauty industry insiders and talent, this high-honored award is well-deserved for the already 3-timed winner of Best Afro Hairdresser of the Year from 2013, 2014, and 2017 of Hairdresser's Journal annual event. After stepping off the stage from receiving her crowning award, Mensah shared with a Vogue reporter:

"To be the first black woman to win this award is such a wonderful feeling – and also very humbling. I hope that I can act as an inspiration to the younger generation who might want to get into hairdressing – to show that anything is possible if you stay focused, work hard and follow your gut. Being able to fly the flag for afro and natural hair textures in the UK is such a huge privilege – it’s greatly rewarding to be recognized and celebrated by my peers".

Photo: Charlotte Mensah

Founder of the Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil products, Mensah has been styling natural hair of women and men for over 32 years. Some of her clients include Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Eve, Jada Pinkett-Smith and more. 

"If you really think about it, my parents came to the UK in the '60s. "So if they were to get their hair done, they would've probably gone to someone's house because there wouldn't have been Black-owned and operated salons that understood how to work with natural hair. It's quite weird how it has taken so long for a Black woman to get into the Hall of Fame for doing hair, because Black women have always done hair. It's part of our culture."

Photo: Charlotte Mensah

The hero ingredient found in Mensah's haircare products is the antioxidant-rich Manketti Oil extracted from the nut of the mongongo tree. This holistic approach creates a sustainable and organic nourishment necessary for afros and curly-texturized hair to thrive. 

“My favourite thing about being a hairdresser is how I can transform someone’s day. I love having a tailor-made approach for each client and really providing that bespoke service.”

Photo: Charlotte Mensah

Congratulations to Charlotte Mensah on her incredible achievement. We commend her for continuing to defy and represent the excellence of Black women's hair and beauty worldwide. For more information on Mensah's haircare products and to schedule an appointment at her multi-award winning salon, visit her website here

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