More than a year after her death, Cheslie Kryst continues to be honored. Extra TV announced it has received two Daytime Emmy Award nominations, one of which is for a special honoring the former Miss USA. “Extra: Cheslie Kryst 1991 – 2022,” is up for Outstanding Daytime Special.

“It’s always an honor to be recognized but this year it’s an especially meaningful nomination,” Extra’s” Executive Producers Theresa Coffino and Jeremy Spiegel said in a statement.

A Legacy Continued

January 30 marked the one year anniversary of Kryst’s death. Organizations continue to celebrate her legacy and the light she brought to the world.

Meredith Dean, CEO and Founder of the Dean’s List, established a Black Women in Media award in honor of Kryst. The organization provides one young Black women in college with a monetary award annually. The group is currently taking submissions for it’s next recipient.

In 2022, eight months after Kryst’s death, Miss USA honored her during the organization’s ceremony. Christian Murphy paid tribute the beauty queen and her impact to “light up a room.”

Her Accomplishments

Kryst had a list of accomplishments before she won Miss USA. She was a model, civil litigation attorney and received her M.B.A from Wake Forest University. She was 28 years old when she won Miss USA in 2019, making her the “oldest woman in history to win the title.” When she won, young Black women everywhere were excited to see a successful Black woman win while rocking her natural coils on national television. 

Kryst’s Tragic Past

Kryst’s mother, April Simpkins, said she battled with her mental wellness during her life. Her mother told the New York Times, Kryst battled with “high-functioning depression.”  She saw a counselor for some time, but still suffered. Her mental health worsened when she was in law school.

Kryst blossomed during her career but she masked her pain to the world. She committed suicide and didn’t make it to the age of 31.