After having lived in Chile for the last four months, one thing I can say is there are some tasty beverages in this country. Chileans have a knack for combining less than five ingredients to make a drink that will feel smooth going down while keeping the party moving. Fair warning, these drinks can pack a punch without you noticing. Here are a few tried-and-true recipes that are easy to make in a pinch.



Healthy serving of dry white wine + scoop of pineapple ice cream + splash of grenadine 

Terremoto is Spanish for "earthquake" and that is exactly what it can feel like. Chile experiences some of the highest seismic activity in the world, with mini-quakes happening several times a month. For those times when the ground is not shaking, a Terremoto might have you thinking otherwise. You know have a good one when you can't taste the wine. This is the national drink of choice during Chile's week-long patriotism festivals in September. There is even a kid's version with Sprite instead of wine.

Chilean Pisco Sour


3 oz pisco + 1 oz powdered sugar + 1 oz lemon juice 

Pisco is very popular in both Chile and Peru. Both countries make this spirit from grapes in specific regions. However, the taste of pisco is closer to a white-rum flavor than it is to wine. Egg whites and bitters are optional additions to the recipe above, but these ingredients usually mean you're drinking a Peruvian Pisco Sour, which is arguably more delicious. Either way, it's best to serve this shaken and very cold.



3 oz pisco + 8 oz Coke 

I like to call this a Chilean well drink. It's available almost everywhere and even easier to make at home. And it's fun to say piscola.



Red wine + Coke (equal parts) 

So I realize there's a chance you've had this before and didn't call it jote. Nevertheless, Chileans indulge in their jote at BBQs and weekend gatherings. It's not exactly the classiest of drinks and you definitely don't want to use this for a fancy dinner party. But it is a great way to sweeten up a dry red wine or finish off that bottle someone gave you that you are not particularly fond of.

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