Relationships are supposed to be an institution of love, respect, and non-toxicity. But with every viral clip on social media, Chrisean Rock and Johnathan Jamall Porter, better known as Blueface, seem to consistently defy those expectations. At first, most people who watched the two engage laughed off their dynamic as cute toxicity. Over time, however, their dynamic has started to furrow some brows. The past few weeks have been packed with a flurry of activity for these two, with the internet getting its fair share of its constant spats. With every new 50-second Instagram clip of these two, there is the constant murkiness of a relationship that has overstayed its welcome.

Far-Fetched Or Factual?

Perhaps this is an article that is far-fetched in the grand scheme of things. For all we know, the two might just be garnering shock value for their reality TV series, as many think. The reality, however, is that there are a million other Chrisean Rock and Bluefaces scattered across the world who continue to breed an unhealthy connection, maybe because the yo-yo of emotions and outbursts feel good. Still, regardless, it is a slippery relationship slope that many women like Rock have had to navigate.

Pregnancies And Denials

A few weeks ago, Chrisean Rock shared on her Instagram story that she was expecting a baby. The post featured a photo of three positive Clearblue pregnancy tests and a caption that read: “Guess how many heartbeats?”

Although social media users and fans of the couple shared their congratulations, when Blueface caught wind of the announcement, he was less than pleased and took to social media to express his apathy.

In a social media post, the 26-year-old rapper expressed that his relationship with Rock was over and, furthermore, he was not responsible for the child.

In a second tweet, he stated that Rock had cheated on him multiple times, and he would not claim the pregnancy until there was some sort of medical proof.

Blueface then called into question Rock’s competency as a mother-to-be.

The Chrisean Rock and Blueface Saga Continues

The back and forth didn’t end there. Last week, the rapper blasted Rock after he caught wind of the fact that she had been platonically interacting with renowned rapper Lil Baby. He had then taken the liberty of sending her a message laced with “B” words and a variety of accusations.

To make matters “worse” for Blueface, around the same time he complained about Lil Baby, he stumbled across a photo of Rock with veteran rapper and MMG boss Rick Ross, and he also confronted Rock about the photos in a series of text messages that she shared on Twitter.

Whichever way we spin this, the drama between the duo continues to get murkier and harder to understand. There are questions about why they continue to be together in spite of their troubled relationship and the obvious physical, emotional, and mental abuse. Although it can be hard to understand why certain relationships exist, Rock’s and Blueface’s are definitely one of those.