Looking for some great pairs of Christmas pajamas so you and your boo can match on Christmas day? 21Ninety’s got you covered!

We already know that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are two of the most important days of the year for capturing moments. It is a time for making memories that will last a lifetime. Those precious moments with family and friends are realized with seemingly endless photos and selfies, and that means you absolutely must have your wardrobe on point.

(Of course, it goes without saying that this is true all year ’round — but it’s especially true around the holidays, when everyone from family to friends to work colleagues are passing judgment on your fashion choices.)

An emerging trend for couples and families alike is to take family photos wearing matching Christmas pajamas.

But keeping it cute yet casual this Christmas holiday doesn’t have to stress you out, sister. In fact, matching PJs are easy to find — and the cutest pairs are just a few clicks away.

Peep these 5 comfy Christmas-themed jammies. They offer the comfort you crave but also deliver loads and loads of cuteness for you and yours. There’s something for everyone, whether you like it cute or casual, trendy or traditional — and everything in between!

IFFEI Matching Family Pajamas Sets 

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re that person who admires countless Pinterest photos of cutely coordinated families decked out in matching Christmas pajamas and wish that could be you, we’re here to tell you it can be! All you have to do is get your measurements together and then order these delightful jammies for all the members of your family–that includes your hubby, your kids, yourself, and even your furry four-legged family member and beloved pet–all from the cozy comfort of your home! You’ve already done all of the hard stuff (we hope… if you are still in the throes of holiday gift shopping, you can order these pajama sets for everyone and have them wrapped and ready under the Christmas tree as one of your great gifts to the entire family. These pajamas are machine-washable, so you can enjoy them for a few holiday seasons if cared for correctly, but they may be so warm and comfy that the fam may give you a bit of a fight getting out of them after all the photos are taken and the festivities have wound down. 

Microfleece Men’s Pajama Pants with Pockets 

Courtesy of Amazon

Make sure that special guy in your life looks his Christmas best this holiday season with these simple yet stylish Christmas-themed pajama pants. If the man of the hour loves to shop or simply likes to have options, he’ll appreciate the 16 options to choose from (personally, our faves are Candy Cane, Christmas Lights and Santa the Man styles). If he heads for the hills when it’s time to co-or-di-nate outfits in the spirit of John Witherspoon’s iconic Boomerang character, then you go right on ahead and let him off the holiday hook now. Just pick your favorite and make your picture-perfect Christmas memories. You’ll know how much he appreciates you and your attention to details when he slinks on over to you with his hands tucked in these adorable microfleece jammies to give thanks. Where your holiday celebration goes from there is up to you!

Burt’s Bees Baby Family Holiday Organic Cotton Pajamas 

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We don’t know about you, but brand loyalty is a thing where we come from and we rock with Burt’s Bees for all the right reasons. The legacy of family and vision of creating sustainable fashion will make you feel good about making this holiday purchase. The infant one-piece is just too cute, and we also adore the matching pet bandana that is available for purchase. Get it together and get your obligatory family photos all decked out in these perfectly coordinated jammies, with the piece of mind that your family’s comfort hasn’t been compromised. These 100% organic cotton sets are specifically designed for sensitive skin and allows for the fabric to breathe, so you can too knowing you’ve once again earned your gold star for not only getting it done, but getting it right. The hardest part of this purchase will be choosing which style (there are over 20 different styles to choose from) will take your family’s holiday photos this year from just fine to fabulous.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Snug-Fit Cotton Pajamas  (Available in Plus Size)

Courtesy of Amazon

The holiday season is the perfect time to shop and cop the best buys and bargains, and this oh-so comfy pajama set is just priced just right for the Christmas beauty who wants to celebrate the holiday season without breaking her budget. The 100% cotton jammies remind us of those thermals mama used to make us wear growing up, but with none different winter-wonderland themed styles to choose from, you can take the lead like the grown boss babe you are and usher in cuffing season your way. If you’ve been “nice” all year and need a reason to be a bit “naughty” and splurge on yourself, go ahead and grab yourself a few pairs of this shape-enhancing pajama set (did we mention that it is also available in plus sizes as well?), you’ve earned it.

PajamaGram Family Christmas Sets

Courtesy of Amazon

We know that sometimes buying outfits for the family can be a bit of a production and the Christmas holiday is no exception, so if you need a few days to get the goods and get them some your family members before finalizing your holiday pajamas this year, you still have a bit of time and we’ve got the perfect matching sets for you and yours! You can try on these jammies and get your family’s look just right thanks to Amazon Prime’s try-before-you-by program. This buying option gives you seven days to buy or bring these back to the post office or Amazon drop-off location for a refund, but we have a fine feeling that once your family realizes that with Santa-styled PJs, they are get to get in on the merry-making by embracing their inner Santa for the holiday.


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