Looking for some great Christmas tree alternatives besides the usual suspects? 21Ninety’s got you covered!

Christmas trees are a holiday season staple in most households. The very presence of a nicely decorated tree can turn Scrooge into a cheerful person. 

While there are many positive aspects to having a real Christmas tree during the holidays, there are also many things that conjure up unnecessary stress during the season. A real Christmas tree is not only expensive but also messy and heavy to carry. There is also the struggle of deciphering how early to purchase the tree. If it is purchased too early, it may not last through Christmas. However, if it is purchased too late, there may not be any good ones left. 

If you feel like avoiding the great Christmas tree fiasco, 21Ninety has provided you with the golden ticket of the year. Here are seven alternative and easy buys for putting up a Christmas tree this year.


Minetom Store’s 6ft LED Spiral Christmas Tree with Star Topper

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The Minetom Store’s LED Spiral Christmas Tree with a Star Topper is the perfect simple alternative to putting up a Christmas tree. It has 16 different single colors, a multicolor changing mode, 8 preset dynamic lighting modes, adjustable speeds and a timing function. It has a remote that allows you to control the light show from a far. Standing 6-feet tall, the spiral Christmas tree works for both outdoor and indoor usage. It is collapsible making it easy to assemble and store when the holidays are over. 


Best Choice Products 6ft Wrought Iron Ornament Display Christmas Tree

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Best Choice Products’ Wrought Iron Ornament Display Christmas Tree is an elegant twist on the classic Christmas tree. The folding branches are held in place with iron hinges making it a safe and sturdy place to display precious ornaments. The wrought iron is wear-and-tear resistant and the solid base ensures that it doesn’t sway or fall. The 3-tier assembly makes it easy to install and uninstall for the holiday season. This multifunctional Christmas display is perfect for any holiday.


Hykolity 3FT 3D Genuine Lighted Christmas Sleigh

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Santa’s sleigh is a great and fun replacement for the typical Christmas tree. It is made from durable and sturdy material making it the perfect place to store the year’s presents for Christmas day. The glitter, which doesn’t easily fall off, warm white lights and gift boxes work together to make this sleigh shine brightly and couple as the perfect decor to add to any room. The Hykolity Genuine Lighted Christmas Sleigh is 3-foot wide, 2-foot tall, which is small and compact enough to fit into any space while not appearing to be too bulky. 


Hykolity 4FT 3D Genuine Lighted Christmas Tree

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The Hykolity Genuine Lighted Christmas Tree is prelit with over 600 LED lights making it a bright design to bring in the holiday cheer. The green lights on the leaves and brown light surrounding the trunk are UL certified, which means that they remain cool to the touch. It is designed with simple line art, wire frames and zip ties making it extra durable and sturdy for holiday craziness. This brightly lit Christmas tree is a great alternative to a typical tree. 


LIGHTSHARE’s 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 Feet Birch Tree in Warm White

Courtesy of Amazon

LIGHTSHARE’s three birch tree bundle is a quick, easy and festive alternative for holiday tree decoration. Coming in three different sizes, the trees pair nicely together and avoid taking over too much space. It is made from durable material and adorned with 16 feet warm light lead wires. The birch trees have flexible branches that are bendable to allow the opportunity to reshape it to fit your desire. It is the perfect material to hang ornaments on and creates a great space to put presents around. While the LED lights that surround the tree are bright, they also are energy efficient making it the perfect sustainable alternative for the holidays. 


Fanshunlite’s 9ft Lighted Giant Inflatable Christmas Tree with Gift Box

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Fanshunlite’s 9-foot Lighted Giant Inflatable Christmas Tree complete with gift boxes is a simple alternative to a typical Christmas tree. The gift boxes, built-in LED lights and decorations add the warmth of a normal Christmas tree without the hassle. It is an easy set up that takes seconds to fully inflate. Its material is durable making it the perfect decoration to reuse every year. This tree is the perfect accessory to help launch and transform your home into a warm winter wonderland.


Build a Christmas Tree Large Wall Decor Decal 36″ x 31″

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Nostalgia Decal Store’s Build a Christmas Tree decal is the best way to embrace everything that makes Christmas trees special without all the hassle and mess. The decal comes as an empty tree with the ornaments, candy canes, stockings and tree topper on the side. It allows the family to still have fun decorating the tree. The vinyl decal sticks to almost anything and is easy to remove making the clean up process very simple. The Christmas tree wall decal is a simple and easy way to celebrate the holidays. 

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