A swoon is all one can muster when seeing how Russell Wilson and Ciara unapologetically love one another out loud. Whether it’s the R&B princess showing her NFL quarterback love on his most recent Walter Payton Humanitarian award. Or Wilson never missing a chance to tell the world how lucky he is to have her—seeing these two in action gives us hope that our ideal partner is out there. Most recently, the pair sat down for GQ’s “The Modern Lovers Issue” and dropped some major gems on love, marriage, and faith that are too good to miss. 

On Marriage:

Wilson says he thinks a lot about the “discipline of marriage”—“this idea of the discipline of communication. If I don’t communicate to my receiver, he doesn’t know what the play is. It’s like, ‘Uh, hey, what are we doing here?’ It’s probably more significant than that, even, but for us, for me and Ciara, communicating, it’s the same: ‘This week’s going to be a challenging week, babe, because I’ve got this responsibility. What about you? What do you have?’ And at the end of every week, we always go through a checklist of questions of, you know, ‘How’d I love you this week?’ ” the Super Bowl champion Wilson added. 

On their blended family:

“When I got to meet Future, he was young,” Wilson says of his then nine-month-old stepson. “And the reality was that for me, it was a blessing and an opportunity to really hopefully be there for him every day and try to care for him in a way that was important for me, that I always wanted someone to do for me. Like my dad did for me. And so I think the greatest thing that I’ve ever learned in life is probably in that relationship with Future, because the reality of being a stepparent is that biologically they’re not necessarily yours, but the reality is that you have to love them as if they are. They’re your own blood, in a way. You get to love them that way. And I think every kid deserves that and needs that and yearns for that.”

“And I will also say,” Ciara says, “from day one, we’ve been living life for us. Russ—I mean, he did talk about, you know, how he feels and this passion from a father’s perspective, but what’s always been beautiful about Russ is just to see him from day one, excitingly jumping in and changing diapers.”

On God being the center of their love:

The two of them are, as Ciara says, equally yoked. “Spiritually, first and foremost,” she says.

Wilson nods. “God is the center of it all for us,” he says. “And that’s a foundation for us. I think as we get to do everything together, business, life, kids, you know, parenthood, all that stuff, in every one of those categories, the center of it is God and our faith.”

These two are proof that fairytales still exist. Cheers to that!