Ciara is on a roll and showing no signs of falling back anytime soon. From giving us new songs like "Dose" to rock out to, serving up smiles through community service with her husband, Russell Wilson, or giving us Halloween realness with her Wakandan Warrior costume: 

Ciara’s got it going on and she knows it! While the singer always put her best foot forward and appeared to be one of the most confident ladies on the scene, she shared with Refinery29 her second pregnancy with her daughter, Sienna, help to ignite a deeper embrace of her womanhood.  

“I felt more empowered than ever when I learned that I was pregnant with my second child. It was something about having a girl, being a woman, and thinking about my journey. I want to make my kids proud.”

We know baby Future and Sienna are so proud of their mama and we know without a shadow of a doubt her hubby adores her. Ciara and Russell's love-story seems to be coated in the magic that makes up fairytales. A little over a year after her breakup with rapper Future, Ciara and Russell found each other and stepped out as the couple to watch. Throughout their courtship, the couple remained celibate, even though Ciara admitted to People it wasn’t always easy. 

 “I’m not gonna lie. I’m human, so it is not easy, especially when I look at him and I think he is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen –- that I’ve ever laid my eyes on, to be honest.”

Four months after getting engaged, the beautiful could got married and (by the looks of it) Ciara could not be happier. Above all, she keeps faith first and holds onto the magic of love. 

"No matter what I've gone through in my life, I've always believed and always had faith. The most important thing is believing in love. It gives you the courage, the inspiration to keep on pushing forward,” she said to Refinery29

For women seeking their happily-ever-after, the 33-year-old mother of two advises using the power of patience and clarity. 

Be patient for the right moment, you don't want to rush love. Be specific and clear on what you desire," she urges. "When we become clear, we make better decisions versus listening to the first words somebody tells you. It always sounds good in the beginning, but what are they actually saying?"

And let’s be honest, life throws its curve balls at all of us but Ciara reminds us that times moves forward and so should we. 

In terms of her beauty secrets, which you know we love to share, she credits her facial/bodily glow to: lots of water, Cetaphil's Daily Facial Moisturizer and Danessa Myricks Beauty Love & Light Beauty Oil. With the holidays right around the corner, you may want to add these products to your list and a new water bottle for motivation. 

CiCi is not the same young girl we met back in the early 2000s, but she is still holding on to her dream while encouraging others to do the same. As we wait patiently for her seventh album to drop, we cannot help but beam with joy watching Ciara’s glow-up and how incredible her life has turned out to be.

“I wake up every single morning knowing that I'm living my dream. It feels good to be in this place right now."

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