Ciara has shown fans on several occasions that she is that girl. Although she has become a mom to three beautiful children and married her prince charming, Russell Wilson, she still sets the bar very high. It is one thing to be a good singer, but it’s another to be a performer. Ciara’s on-stage presence and allure in music videos has had several generations hooked.

Recently, Pop Crave asked a question on Twitter that had users blowing up the app for days.

“What’s a dance move or piece of choreography in pop culture that has stuck with you?” the outlet tweeted.

Many fans of the singer stepped in to represent the “Da Girls” singer, arguing that her performances were the only right answers. The discourse ended up making Ciara one of the top trending terms on the app for days.

If you needed a reminder of how Ciara has had the choreography game on lock for years, look no further. Here are three times Ciara showed everyone she’s here to stay.

Reminders of Ciara’s Reign

One of the top moments fans recalled was Ciara’s performance in the music video for “Like A Boy.” Released in 2007, the song made waves in the music industry. With its bold visuals, the video showcased Ciara’s artistic vision and her determination to challenge societal norms.

The video introduced “the matrix” move to a wider range of individuals who made it popular. In a portion of the video, the singer is seen leaning backward and grabbing air in an artistic way that has stuck with fans 16 years later.

Another moment that fans referenced was the music video for Ciara’s “Promise.” This video was one of the first times fans got to see her embrace her sensuality. Choreographed by Jamaica Craft, the dance moves in the video seamlessly blend elements of hip-hop, R&B, and contemporary styles.

One moment that stuck with fans was when Ciara took Michael Jackson’s iconic move in “Smooth Criminal” to another level. The lean forward move that Jackson does was heightened in this video with a mic stand and one leg resting atop the stand. To this day, many still are trying to fully understand how she made that magic happen.

Ciara’s 2010 video for “Ride” was a moment. The song, which features Ludacris was a continuation of her growth into becoming and delivering a more sensual side of Ci-Ci. Although she didn’t have many moves from the video that others tried to emulate, they still stuck in fans’ minds.

Ciara effortlessly blended various dance styles, including elements of hip-hop, R&B, and contemporary dance in the video. The choreography showcases her versatility and ability to adapt to different rhythms and dynamics. The fusion of styles created a visually captivating experience while also adding layers of depth to the choreography.