Ci-Ci is a force to be reckoned with! After hosting a launch event in LA for beauty influencers, the “Level Up” singer made her way to NYC to share her her newest venture, On A Mission Skincare. She held an intimate breakfast with journalists from the area to preview the line and to have raw conversations about real, natural beauty. 21Ninety 1, 2 stepped over to midtown to partake.

The Event

There were nothing but dope boss woman power in the room. We shared the room with journalists from Hello Beautiful, Refinery29 and more! Being in a room of powerful and impactful women journalists alone meant so much as a Black woman who thrives in rooms that feel like a warm community. We were hand curated to be in this environment together to support a fellow woman and her own brand. That strength of sisterhood was present in the room.


Usually at these types of events, the person who is selling the product gives us a speech about the product and asks the audience to try it. With Ciara, she didn’t talk at us, she talked with us. She wanted to have authentic conversations with the women in the room about her product, her views on beauty and more. She was open to conversations about her marriage, her kids, her views on aging and everything in between. It felt as if we were just at breakfast with friends. She made us feel warm. It felt familiar.

One thing that really stuck with me from this event was something Ciara said in her introduction to the morning’s event and her line. She mentioned that when she took care of her skin, she felt beautiful without makeup and she wanted others to feel that as well. The weight that this holds is tremendous due to the fact that many skincare companies just want to sell product but there’s no actual purpose behind it. With On A Mission, there is a drive to help people actually feel better about themselves; to start their beauty from within.



Even after we spoke to her and her team about the product, she was open to answering any and all questions we each had about the product and her vision behind it. One question was asked about embracing the aging process. Many companies sell skin care and advertise them as “age reversal” products. Ciara and her team made it clear that this was not that. Each of them had the same sentiments when answering the question: aging is not something you can stop, but you can assist your body to still look amazing even while it goes through its different stages.

All in all, it felt as if we were talking o real people about real skincare problems. It felt like a human experience and not like I was being forced to try this “cool new product.” I could even feel the “realness” in the products.

OAM Products

Credit: On A Mission Skincare

Since the event, I have been personally using the products daily and so far I am in love with how my skin has been turning out. I don’t have many skincare issues, I only really struggle with dull and dry skin which are the two very things this skincare focuses on.

Each product has Vitamin C in it, so you are guaranteed to get that glow you have always wanted. For many people, this may seem like it could be too much for their skin but the Vitamin C actually has a controlled-release delivery system that gently distributes micro doses throughout the day.

The eye cream and the facial moisturizer are intended to keep that skin hydrated throughout the day with no worries. Its silky finish does not leave your skin feeling oily, which is something I love the absolute most.

I will say, if you have problem skin, you may not find what you’re looking for in this particular collection. But have no fear! When asked what her vision is for On A Mission Skincare in the future, Ciara did say that she’s working on a few exciting things with the brand that she can’t wait to share! The team did discuss the goal to expand. This could come in the form of targeting acne, blackheads, eczema and more!

On A Mission Skincare is made by people who actually care. The team that put this together are all women who really want nothing but to uplift their consumers and to have them feeling like their best selves.

Interested in trying it for yourself? Purchase now on their website!