Singer Coco Jones pays homage to Brandy at Revolt’s The Link Up. Jones is the second artist to pay tribute to the “Vocal Bible” – the first being R&B singer Alex Vaughn – during Black Music Month. The “Double Back” singer partnered with Xfinity and did a special live rendition of Brandy’s “Full Moon.”

Via YouTube: Revolt

Jones dances through the house party as she puts her spin on “Full Moon.” She’s accompanied by Aneesa Strings on bass, Jamese Moses on drums, J. Chantel on the trumpet, Andre Trotman on talk box and Sha’Leah Nikole and Keisha Renee as supporting vocals.

The “ICU” singer was overjoyed by the experience.

“It’s so so dope to see all of these amazing Black musicians today on set. Even when we’re calling cut, they just starting a vibe and then, it becomes a whole different set. It’s just really inspiring to see all these talented people in one room, supporting this cause and me. It’s all really amazing,” she said.

The performance’s drummer, Moses, shared, “Working on the set feels different than other sets because of the creativity. There’s a jam session happening over there because we just, Black people just like that. We just like that. That’s what we do when we get together. We have a good time.”

Behind the “Full Moon”

According to Revolt, the first AD, Joy Thomas, said the “Full Moon” video shoot took place overnight. The Made by James directing duo behind the production wanted to approach this episode differently compared to the previous ones. Behind-the-scenes snippets show that Jones’ performance was full-on nostalgia. The wardrobe, lighting, set designs and choreography were a tribute to the ’90s and early 2000s.  

Singer Kenyon Dixon served as the Music Director for the Jones. Toward the end of the video, fans can glimpse her rehearsing.