Coi Leray has a few things to get off her chest. The “Twinnem” rapper took to Twitter to remind critics questioning her talent that she has earned her place in the music industry. She also expressed that no one can doubt her artistic capabilities any more.

She wrote, “lol I’m that girl. Real life. Offline. In the booth. On the stage. On the red carpet. On the radio. Overseas.  And that’s just what it is.”

The situation that led to her statement began on Monday, May 8, when she made a comment about the music industry being oversaturated, noting that “Every song is a hit. Everybody is a star.” That comment didn’t go over well with many. One Twitter user accused Coi of benefiting from the saturation that Coi herself pointed out.

“Can’t help but think Coi benefited from said saturation,” the user commented. “Valid message, wrong messenger.”

In response, Coi wrote, “Y’all buggen. My versatility , my stage presence . My stats. My collabs. My Brand Deals . Fashion Girl. I can dance. Sing . Rap. It’s fine if you don’t see it now. I’m in no rush for you to notice.”

Past Drama

This isn’t the first time Coi, who turns 26 Thursday, is coming under fire for her artistic credibility. In 2021, Coi was seen performing to a non-responsive crowd at her H-Town Memorial Day Mayhem event. The performance received heavy backlash, with Nicki Minaj and Polo G eventually coming to her defence. Coi also faced a dead crowd during her 2021 Rolling Loud performance and has had to address critics who labeled her a ‘TikTok’ artist. 

This recent situation continues in that vein, with Coi reminding critics that her fame on TikTok hasn’t stopped her songs from performing well outside of the app. She’s also noted that her success cannot be attributed solely to TikTok.

“How many people on TikTok went top 10 gobal?,” she wrote. “How many on TikTok had the amount of success I had with NMP , TWINNEM, BIG PURR, DDG IMPATIENT , plus soooo many more.”

Ultimately, the “Players” singer appears unfazed by the criticism and backlash. As she tweeted, “They not bringing me down. Just a friendly reminder.”