Summer is slowly but surely approaching. This summer, colors of every shade, variation and intensity are in full bloom. Matching your wardrobe to plant life is the perfect way to feel at one with the beautiful summer weather. You’ll also also be staying stylish and sleek. “Pairing hues is a part of everyday life, especially when deciding what to wear in the morning. Don’t restrict your closet to a confined color scheme when there are a plethora of pretty colors you could be adding to your wardrobe rotation,” notes Stitch Fix

One of the reasons why colors are important in our wardrobes is because of a notion known as Color Psychology. “Color psychology is the study of how certain colors impact human behavior. Different colors have different meanings, connotations, and psychological effects that vary across different cultures,” said MasterClass. Color Psychology plays a part in all of the fashion trends that are taking over social media, from textured heels to monochromatic color palettes. Whether looking for vibrant colors to liven up your closets or earthy tones to wear for your next date we’ve got you covered. Here are all of the hype color trends you absolutely need to wear this summer. 



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As a result of the luxury fashion house, Bottega Veneta, this color has developed a cult-like following on our Instagram feeds and TikTok reels. The rise of the Veneta’s bold green ensembles has not only created a treasured color to be worn and sworn by within our everyday wardrobes but has subconsciously created a form of energetic healing throughout the ongoing pandemic. Best known to be the color associated with the heart chakra, it’s no wonder why green became such an iconic fashion staple that’s followed us into 2022.


Light Pink


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Whether paired as a set or worn as an accessory, light pink is in full bloom this season. From Chanel to Balenciaga, the fairy-like hue is taking over the scope of Summer 2022 street style.


Orange color palettes bring a breath of fresh air to your garments. Cardigans, pumps and puddle pants are just a few styles you can rock as an orange getup. “Very Peri may be the official Color of the Year according to Pantone, but we’re seeing an awful lot of orange, too,” said L’Officiel on the trend. “From street style to workout-wear to bold beauty looks, the warm-toned shade is dominating, bringing a fiery touch to daily fashion.”



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Despite the worldwide superstition to not wear the color white after labor day, white is making a huge appearance from tank tops to white button-ups. The color is iconic for its versatility and even more iconic for its ability to be paired with any and everything.



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Sustainable fashion is making a grand entrance with earthy tones and all-natural materials. Beige is a great neutral tone to match the energy of the outdoors this summer.



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Yellow is commonly known to be a happy color. From flowy silk maxi dresses to beachwear sets, the color yellow can help to transcend any mood.