This Valentine’s Day, ColourPop is “Lost in Love.” The beauty brand’s 2024 Valentine’s Day bountiful collection is equipped with 21 brand new items. ColourPop’s latest drop is filled with shades of pink and purple with hints of golden shimmer woven throughout. “Lost In Love” is ready to help you create your romance-ready glam. 

What Are the Different Colourpop “Lost in Love” Bundles?

There are eight bundles in ColourPop’s Valentine’s Day Drop. For the eyes and body, there’s the Me + U bundle. It includes the eyeshadow palette and body glitter. If you love a glossy eye look, reach for the Shoutout to Cupid bundle. That set has three eyeshadow jelly shades. There are also lip gloss and lip and cheek balm bundles. For the most variety, there are three different powder blush bundles that span pinks, berries, and blush tones. Plus, the lip and cheek balms as well as the powder blushes come in the internet-favorite heart-shaped compacts. 

Best Body Glitter

ColourPop Sparks

Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

ColourPop’s Sparks is a dimensional body glitter with flecks of pink, blue, purple, and gold. This glitter comes suspended in an adhesive gel so that you can use it right out of the jar. Plus, you can use it as a gleaming highlighter for a dramatic shimmer. 

Best Bundle

ColourPop Lost in Love Collection

Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

ColourPop’s Lost In Love Collection is a 12-piece set filled with the best from the Valentine’s Day drop. You’re getting the eyeshadow palette, body glitter, three jelly shadows, the sponge, two lip and cheek balms, a powder blush, and three tubes of lip gloss. 

Best Eyeshadow Palette

ColourPop Lost in Love

Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

ColourPop’s Lost In Love is a 12-pan palette with a range of romantic hues and levels of shine. In this palette you’ll find matte, metallic, and glitter finishes. And, the color story goes from a deep red, through pretty pinks, and even touches on shades of orange. 

Best Jelly Eyeshadow

ColourPop 4ever Valentine

Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

ColourPop’s 4ever Valentine is a frosty jelly eyeshadow. The bouncy shimmering shade delivers pigmented color and sets to a metallic finish. Its water-based formula boasts long-lasting flecks of baby pink, silver, and gold. 

Best Lip and Cheek Balm

ColourPop Cutesy Wootsy

Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

ColourPop’s Cutesy Wootsy is a bright warm pink that reads more red than pink. It’s a lip and cheek balm that offers a natural flush of color. Plus, the formula is infused with cupuacu and shea butter for a nourishing feel wherever you apply this product. 

Best Lip Gloss

ColourPop Lover Era

Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

ColourPop’s Lover Era will give you the perfect Valentine’s Day pout. The high-shine lip gloss is a berry hue that perfectly balances red and pink. There’s even silver glitter suspended in the non-sticky formula. It’s made with cherry oil, Japanese sumac, and hyaluronic acid to nourish your lips beneath the shimmering surface. 

Best Makeup Tool

ColourPop Heart Blending Sponge

Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

ColourPop’s Heart Blending Sponge is hiding a magical surprise. Spoiler alert, it changes color! When this latex-free sponge is dry it shows off a bright red color. But, when wet, it turns into a pale pink shade. Use it dry to apply and set powders or wet when applying your liquid foundation.  

Best Powder Blush

ColourPop Heart Eyes 4 U

Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

ColourPop’s Heart Eyes 4 U is a bundle of the berry colors that the powder blushes come in. You’re getting a peach, magenta, and deep berry blush in this set. All of which go on smooth, have a silky feel on the skin, wear all day, and set to a matte finish.

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