If Colourpop Cosmetics is consistent for one thing, it's bringing us high-quality, low-priced makeup. But when they dropped their No Filter Concealers, many fans were disappointed by the brand's limited shade range of 15 colors. Luckily, they took the hint (it's about time…) and expanded the range to 30 shades. 

Additional shades have been added in every part of the shade range, making this $6 concealer more accessible for every beauty buff.

The formula is creamy and lightweight but dries to a wearable matte finish to prevent creasing when used under your eyes or even to brighten the center of your forehead.

So if you're sick of your concealer costing almost as much as your foundation or never coming in quite the right color, the new No Filter Concealer shades might be an answer to your beauty conundrum.

Interested? These new shades go live on March 29, at 10 a.m. on Colourpop.com