The dream of waking up from a comfortable night of sleep with perfectly curled hair is now a reality thanks to heatless curlers. The curling rods are plush and covered in easy to sleep in fabric to curl your hair overnight without any heat damage. Regularly using high heat to style your hair can cause your hair to become brittle. So, instead of scorching your hair to achieve voluminous curls, reach for a heatless curler set instead.

How To Use Heatless Curlers

Heatless curlers usually come in two forms: long rods and short rods. The long rod is a very long filled fabric-covered rod that you drape over your head, like a headband. Then, you attach a claw clip at the crown of your head to keep the long rod in place. Next, you wrap your hair around either side –  securing the ends with scrunchies or hair ties. 

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The other type of heatless curlers are short rods. These fabric-covered rods have a bendy frame, and cushion fill, that lets you secure multiple rollers in your hair at once without the need for additional accessories.

Best Headband

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Octopus Heatless Hair Curlers

The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Octopus Heatless Hair Curlers secures around your head like a headband. Attached to the headband are eight individual satin-covered soft rods that each have elastic at the bottom. With these curlers you have more options on how much curl you can put into your hair. You can use a few or all of them at once.

Best for Long Hair

Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set XL

Kitsch’s Satin Heatless Curling Set XL comes with two satin scrunchies and a satin rod that’s a little over 78 inches from end-to-end. The long rod gives you 39 inches of room on each side so that you can wrap long hair around the plush heatless curler with room to spare.

Best Satin

BT21 x Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set

BT21 x Kitsch’s Satin Heatless Curling Set comes with two satin scrunchies as well as a satin curling rod. With all of this satin, you’ll wake up to smooth defined curls. This version of the satin rod features BT21 characters – cartoons developed with K-pop band BTS – in a floral pattern. But, there are also 10 other color and pattern options, including other collaborations.

Best Silk

LILYSILK Heatless Silk Curling Headband And Scrunchie Set 

LILYSILK’s Heatless Silk Curling Headband And Scrunchie Set comes with two silk scrunchies and a 43-inch curling rod that is silk from the inside out. Yes, it’s filled with silk too. This super soft heatless curler won’t snag on your hair as you toss and turn in bed.

Best for Short Hair

Conair Fabric Hair Curlers

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Conair’s Fabric Hair Curlers are petite enough to handle short hair. These curlers have a bendable frame that lets you secure the curlers to your head without the need for claw clips or hair ties. Each of these 24 fabric curlers are 5.5 inches long and come inside a transparent storage case. Currently, these heatless curlers only come in white.

Best Value

Yeelen Heatless Curler Set

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Yeelen’s Heatless Curler Set is an eight piece kit for $10. In this set you’re getting a plush 71-inch velour heatless curling rod, two hair ties, two scrunchies, a mist bottle, a claw clip, and a storage bag.

Mane Label Hair Co The Original Sway Heatless Curling Ribbon

Mane Label Hair Co’s The Original Sway Heatless Curling Ribbon is a velour heatless curler that gives your hair a better grip on the rod. The velvety texture lets your hair hold onto the rod without causing it to slip off when you wake up. Plus, in the box, you’re getting the 63-inch rod, two hair ties, and a claw clip.

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