In order to maintain healthy skin, you want to be aware of your skin type.  You can meet with your dermatologist to help you determine your skin type, and she can recommend certain products for your skin type.  Don't just purchase skincare products based on popular reviews or how good it makes your skin feel. You should choose products that will be the most effective in keeping your skin healthy.  It is also not necessary to have a cabinet full of skincare products.  Instead, keep things simple by having a small stash of products on hand. 

Below are the different skin types.

Normal Skin Type

This skin type is not too dry or too oily, and it has very few sensitivities.  Those with normal skin types also have glowing complexions.  When caring for normal skin, you should wear sunscreen if you'll be out in the sun for long periods of time. Use a gentle facial cleanser and a high-quality facial moisturizer. Serums can help by giving your skin some important antioxidants, but they aren't necessary.

Dry Skin

This kind of skin tends to be irritable and tight and is prone to constant flaking.  Another characteristic of dry skin is small visible pores, and sebum production tends to be slower.  Some people have dry skin due to genetics while others have it because of poor skin hygiene.  When maintaining dry skin, moisturize it frequently, and stay away from harsh soaps and facial cleansers.  The best moisturizers are those that contain humectants such as ceramides, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and lanolin.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, it means you have an overabundance of sebum, which is a substance that makes your skin appear radiant.  Those with oily skin often have acne and their pores are enlarged.  Those with oily skin should wash their faces regularly, apply an oil-free moisturizer, and always wash off makeup at night before bed.

Combination Skin

With this skin type, your skin might be oily in certain areas but dry in other areas. As a result, you might experience a variety of skin conditions ranging from acne to flaky and dry skin.  To care for combination skin, use a gentle and water-soluble facial cleanser.  It is also helpful to apply a toner to maintain hydration in your skin.  

In conclusion, when you know your skin type, you'll know the best ways to care for your skin.