It’s become common practice in talks about love and relationships for people to discuss their love language. In reality, everyone’s needs and desires fluctuate by the second. People can appreciate being loved in a variety of ways. For many people, physical touch is a mandatory expression of love. They thrive as human beings when they experience this love language. It can be hard for them to go through a period of isolation, when they are alone and lack the physical closeness they desire.  

Here are some things you can do to cope with the lack of physical closeness until you’re reunited with your loved ones again.

Book a Massage 

Trained professionals can offer healing through their hands. If you find the right person, you’ll leave the table feeling relaxed and restored. The body is hard wired for pleasure, so it deserves to be touched by the very best.

Intentional Moisturization 

You can show your body love and appreciation in the small mundane things that you do. Take time to be intentional about nourishing your body. The body deserves more than a quick cleaning. Instead, it needs appreciation and care. Intentional moisturization is one way to fulfill the need for physical touch, while also upkeeping your skin.

Weighted Blankets 

Babies are swaddled in blankets to help them sleep. Although adults are grown up, they can still appreciate the close, warm and cuddly feeling. Weight blankets not only provide a sense of comfort, but also they will likely help you sleep better.


Physical touch ignites the body. It stimulates nerves, increases blood flow and makes you feel better. The same type of mechanisms are at work when you dance. You may still be missing the connection from others, but after a good dance break you may feel more in touch with yourself.