Relationships can be tough. Although you may enjoy your partner’s company, interacting with them daily can become routine and mundane. Adding some out-of-the-ordinary fun to the relationship can always help. It is always important to never stop finding ways to connect with your partner. From scheduling date nights often, to trying new things together, you can always find a way to bring a spark into a relationship. You can also try playing couples games with each other to continue to learn more about your partner.

Playing relationship-building couple games is one of the best ways to spend time together because you have the opportunity to learn about your partners in ways that normal conversation wouldn’t allow. Even if you think you know every quirk or story about them, you may end up surprised. Relationship games ask questions that you probably never even thought to ask.

No matter what, it is important to remember that you are not preparing for a job interview or doing chores. You should find enjoyment in opening up to your partner and vice versa. Above all else, remember to have fun! Ideally, your partner is your friend and the good times should just roll when you’re together.

When it comes to choosing which type of game to play, there are several options. Here are a few 21Ninety picks to try no matter what stage your relationship is in.

Relationship Games To Play

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

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Having date nights at home just got a little more intentional. We’re Not Really Strangers really digs deep to unlock a connection with your partner that you’ve never had before. The game has three different levels: perception, connection and reflection. With each level, you and your partner learn more about how you view each other, yourselves and the world around you. The game is perfect because as the name suggests, it can be played with strangers, making this great as a first date ice breaker.

Let’s Get Closer Game

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Let’s Get Closer helps couples get to know each other better. No matter if the relationship is seasoned or freshly budding, you and your partner can easily play this game. This deck is separated into three different levels: Close, Closer, and Closest. Each level builds on a personal level. At its base, you’re answering very surface-level questions. Once you get to the “Closest” deck, you’ll find that you’re sharing much more of yourself and your experiences.

Life Sutra Couple Connect Bundle

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Couple Connect is a special game because it was made by a licensed psychologist. Dr. Tania Sharma has made several games with the goal of enhancing individual, couple and family relationships and life skills. This specific game is based on scientific and psychological techniques used in counseling. That makes it great for couples who are currently in counseling. This bundle includes the regular Connect game, which helps build bonds and the Reconnect game which helps repair and deeply plant bonds that make have grown worn and tired.

The Ultimate Game for Couples

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The Ultimate Game for Couples might actually be the ultimate game for couples. If you and your partner are looking for a game that tests your knowledge of each other with a little bit of competitive fun, then this is for you. The game also gives you twists and will have you completing fun challenges. You can play with just your partner to go head to head with up to four other couples.

The Couples Game That’s Actually Fun 

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Enough with the serious games! It’s time for some fun. This couples game that’s actually fun, helps you bond with your partner in a very light-hearted way. It’s still centered around your relationship, but it focuses on simply having a good time with your partner than deep conversations. There are three different categories to play: Match, Best and Me or You? You can play one-on-one with your partner or go up against other couples.

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