In most circles, there’s that special someone who relishes a quiet night in over a bustling night out. You most likely adore them for it. While others may opt for a glamorous party dress as a present, this gift guide is tailored for the girl you’d choose a cozy robe for – someone who views comfort as the ultimate indulgence. Maybe she’s the “soft girl” friend in your group who just prefers the more convenient things in life. Whether it’s a heated blanket or foam slides, let the soft girl in your life know she’s appreciated with these nine gifts.

What is a “Cozy” or “Soft Girl?”

The idea of a “soft girl” originated from TikTok. Initially seen as a way to reject the notion of being a girlboss, a soft girl is the epitome of feminine success. Instead embracing a more relaxed lifestyle they possibly even adopt a submissive role. This concept has been adopted by Black women on the app as a form of resistance against the stereotypes of the “struggling” Black woman trope. The “soft girl” prioritizes convenience and ease over hard work and struggle. She might be seen taking multiple vacations, flying first class, ordering a bottle of champagne, and sleeping in cashmere or silk pajamas.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser

HealthSmart Essential Oil Diffuser

Candles are great, but they aren’t as long-lasting. And as we know, different essential oils have different properties that can influence mood. An aromatherapy diffuser is perfect for someone who not only wants to set a vibe in their space but also desires a signature repeating scent. Oils like lavender are known to calm anxiety and aid in sleep, which would be perfect for our cozy girl on one of her nights in.

Best Lip Mask

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Laneige

Cozy girls are often deeply invested in self-care and skincare—after all, what else could they be doing spending so much time at home? The Laneige Sleeping Mask is perfect, as it’s a beauty product that goes beyond appearance and aids in the elasticity of your skin. It’s a mask you can wear all night at home or even venture outside with, if she ever so chooses.

Best Silk Bonnet

Blissy Silk Bonnet

Photo Courtesy of Blissy

It’s possible that your friends who prefer to stay in are often found in lounge clothes and their bonnet. But why not upgrade their polyester bonnet to a silk one that will protect the integrity of their hair and keep it soft and healthy?

Best Robe

Tsuri Signature Turkish Cotton Robe

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Tsuri

Loungewear and comfortable clothes are nice, but nothing beats a warm and fuzzy robe to walk around in. It’s a classic gift that everyone will like, but something that a cozy girl will love. The Turkish cotton will not only be soft but make you feel like you’re walking around in a blanket.

Best Mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Ember

Imagine if she never had to leave her house to enjoy artisanal coffee. What if her mug could heat up her coffee or tea for her and keep it warm? This will satisfy the coffee and tea drinkers in your life and be thatzc warm and soothing object they’ll never have to put down or refill.

Best Slippers

Womens Cross Band Fuzzy Slippers

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Amazon

Slippers are nice for those who despise cold floors and walking barefoot. A fuzzy option gives the appearance of a “soft girl,”and her feet will never get cold. Plus she’ll feel as if she’s walking on clouds.

Best Heated Blanket

SEALY Heated Blanket Electric Throw

Blankets are already known to be a source of comfort, but the added factor of heat ensures she’ll never want to leave her bed. Heated blankets are great for winter months, of course, but they’re also a cozy girl must have during menstrual cycles and for a couch snuggle any time of the year.

Best Silk Pillowcase

Blissy Silk Pillowcase

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Amazon

For a cozy girl, sleep is paramount. So why not enhance that experience by ensuring that her pillowcase is always cool and her hair and skin are always soft?

Best Eye Mask: Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Photo Courtesy of Picture credit: Slip

On the same note of protecting and softening your skin, silk just has that cooling and softening effect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Enhance that with a sleep mask that also blocks out the sun and let’s you get a few more z’s in the morning.

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