The newest trend sweeping social media can be found over on WaterTok aka the water-enthusiast side of TikTok. On the app, users are creating flavorful drinks with a water base. Some people are turning their water into liquified birthday cake. Others mix their water with syrups that you’d commonly find in your local coffee shop to create their own personal potions.

The recipes can be so extravagant they’ll have you saying, “everybody’s so creative” like beloved TikToker @tanaradoublechocolate. One viral TikTok video shows a creator making her water of the day by mixing a Crush soda packet with both coconut and dragon berry acai sugar-free syrup.

What a registered dietitian has to say about WaterTok

To find out just how “healthy” these intriguing WaterTok blends are, 21Ninety spoke with registered dietitian, and Lasta nutrition consultant, Barbara Kovalenko.

“As a nutritionist, I am strongly against adding sugary syrups to your water,” Kovalenko said.

Many participants in WaterTok use sugar-free alternatives that are filled with artificial sweeteners. Some in the comment assume because the syrups are free of natural sugar they are guilt free. Kovalenko disagrees.

“Artificial sweeteners have been linked to an increased risk of metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes,” Kovalenko said.

The registered dietitian also says that consuming excessive amounts of the flavorful syrups can lead to the disruption of gut bacteria as well as digestive issues and a weakened immune system.

Kovalenko says it’s important to stay hydrated, but doing so the right way is key.

“It’s equally important to make sure you’re consuming water in a way that promotes overall health and wellness,” she said.

Instead of following the exact recipes you might find on social media, Kovalenko suggests infusing water with fresh ingredients. Try adding sliced fruit, herbs, citrus, cucumber, and mint to your water.

“These not only add flavor but also provide additional nutrients and antioxidants,” Kovalenko said.

If you’re in a time crunch, or fresh ingredients aren’t available to you, 21Ninety has rounded up healthier alternatives to the viral WaterTok trend. Try these out to add flavor to your water.

Add flavor and nutrients to your water

AAPI-owned brand, Stur makes a Strawberry Watermelon Liquid Water Enhancer that will add more than just a fruity flavor to your water. With no calories or gluten, this antioxidant water enhancer pours one gram of vitamin C into your drink. This product contains Stevia leaf extract to add sweetness. Bonus, Stur’s water enhancer is Circle-K-certified Kosher.

Need a vegan option? Then grab a 25-calorie packet of Cure Hydration Electrolyte Vegan Drink Mix Powder. This plant-based mix has 540mg of electrolytes derived from coconut water and pink himalayan salt. Cure’s blend is sweetened by organic Stevia extract and is gluten-free.

Tumblers for all of your flavored water needs

Stanley’s 40oz Stainless Steel H2.0 FlowState Quencher Tumbler has become an influencer, and consumer favorite for several reasons: it’s large capacity, built-in handle, and included straw. Plus, this dishwasher-safe tumbler comes with a lifetime warranty so that you can fearlessly use it for all of your creative drinks. With its vacuum insulation, you can pop hot or cold drinks inside. All you have to do is pick which of the eight colors you want to grab.

If you’re trying be bougie on a budget, then check out the Reduce 40oz Cold1 Insulated Stainless Steel Straw Tumbler Mug. It has the same capacity as the Stanley, but for about half the cost. This vacuum-insulated tumbler boasts its own set of water-friendly features: it’s dishwasher safe, BPA-free, sweat-proof, and fits in a cup holder. Plus, the sweat-proof mug also comes with a reusable straw. After you select one of five colors, it’s time to play with flavors.

Reduce’s 50oz Cold1 Insulated Stainless Steel Straw Tumbler Mug is perfect for when you need hydration on the go. The largest capacity tumbler on the list has similar stand-out features to its 40-ounce counterpart: vacuum-seal, sweat-proof, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and it comes with a reusable straw. It claims to keep cold drinks cold for up to 36 hours. That’s over a day of cold water! So, if you don’t have time for refills during your day, this 50-ounce mug will continue to quench your thirst.