Yeah, we’re knucking and bucking and ready to fight! Everyone, except for Regina Hall, that is. The actress recently opened up to in an interview, admitting that she had never heard “Knuck If You Buck” before she had to perform it in her newest film “Honk for Jesus: Save Your Soul.” Although she wasn’t well versed in the southern anthem, she did put on a pretty convincing performance. So convincing that she even caught the attention of one Crime Mob member.

There are no spoilers ahead other than the fact that Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown showed the world how we all act when “Knuck If You Buck” comes on! In an interview with Essence, Regina Hall says her and her costar, Sterling K. Brown, had to learn the words to the song for a scene in the film. She went on to add that they had never heard the song before.

Crime Mob’s, Princess, reposted a clip of an interview Hall did with The Breakfast Club discussing her lack of knowledge to the song. In the caption, Princess asked Charlemange Tha God to put in a word for her, as she wants Regina Hall to perform the song. “Aye @cthagod I was thinking maybe you can ask @morereginahall to rap it live when we come to Cali for #millenniumtour,” she says in the caption. She even shot her shot to be on Issa Rae’s “Rap Shit,” “And you can tell your friend @issarae I’d love to be part of @rapshitonmax 😇✌🏾😂 …. But keep it between us🤎 thanks bro!”

The rapper already shared her opinions on the film when it first premiered. Princess took to social media to reflect on her and her team’s growth as well as its Atlanta roots, as the movie was also filmed in Atlanta. “The movie airs the same weekend we did our first show,” she recalled. “If you don’t think God has a sense of humor… Ya’ll go watch it in theaters and on @peacocktv.”

Who knows if Charlemagne will relay the message to Regina, but what we do know is that would be one epic performance. Two elements of many Black people’s cultural experiences coming together for one performance may move some to tears.

Make sure to watch “Honk for Jesus: Save Your Soul” in theaters or streaming now on Peacock.

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