Crocs have come a long way. Years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to get a few side-eyes if you were caught out in public in the plastic footwear. While the shoes have always been supremely comfortable, their oddly shaped design with holes and a adjustable strap had many people on the fence about whether they were cool. They were seen as the shoe for gardeners, older people and children. As time has passed, Crocs and the croc charms have cemented their place in the fashion industry.

Celebrities and Gen-Zers wear them with pride. They also have evolved and are now available in a high-heeled version. Balenciaga even collaborated with the brand to release several high-end versions of the shoe.

Crocs are all the rage, and there is a whole industry now dedicated to accessorizing them. The colorfully decorated croc charms are simply inserted into one of the many holes on the top of the shoes. There’s a charm for nearly every type of person. Croc lovers take their accessorizing seriously, using the charms to tell a story about themselves.

If you too want your crocs to speak to your identity, your interests and what’s important to you, 21Ninety has you covered. Check out some of the top croc charms that represent culture, personal expression and the beauty of being a Black woman.

At Least Two Pairs

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LL Cool J really captured the essence of many Black girls when he released “Around The Way Girl.” Bamboo earrings were certainly already a thing, but since then, the bold accessory has become synonymous with a very specific type of Black girl fly. Why not pay homage to this iconic fashion statement with these adorable bamboo earring croc charms?

Poetic Justice

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There’s no denying that Janet Jackson gave an iconic Black girl look in the 1993 film “Poetic Justice.” Women around the country would go into the beauty shop specifically requesting her braid style from the movie. Every Halloween, there’s always going to be a handful of Justices circulating around. It was a moment.

The look and the John Singleton film mean a lot to the culture. If you’re someone who can quote all the lines from this movie and want your croc charms to reflect that, you might want to add this to your Crocs.

Who Gon Check Me, Boo?

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Shereé Whitfield gave the community a motto for life when she boldly questioned “who gon’ check me, boo?” If that phrase and other iconic “Real Housewives of Atlanta” mantras are a regular part of your vocabulary, then these croc charms are for you.

The show that’s birthed a thousand memes is also the perfect talking point to add to your crocs. The neck swivel added the perfect bit of flair to make it memorable. Chose either a Sheree Whitfield charm or a Nene Leakes charm. If you are feeling like having a little shade on your feet, buy both croc charms and let the drama unfold.

I Want To See Ya Grill

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Zora Neale Hurston said it best when she said, “I love myself when I am laughing, and then again when I am looking mean and impressive.”

You can’t get more mean and impressive than a scowl, a red lip and a grill. While many have tried to discourage Black women from rocking red lips, it’s a shade that pops beautifully. Affirm that and your love for a gold adornment with this dope charm. This one comes in a set of some other croc charms you might enjoy as well.

Thicker Than A Snicker

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Black women have always created and adhered to our own standards of beauty. While the mainstream media may initially demonize Black beauty standards, history has shown it’s only a matter of time before things change. Today, thick thighs, full lips and round behinds are what the girls want. Celebrate your all your curves with one of these Thick-Fil-A croc charms.

Queen Bey

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When you think of a beloved, powerful Black woman who is increasingly showing what it means to live by your own rules, Ms. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter immediately comes to mind. Over the years, Queen Bey has given us more than her fair share of iconic looks.

Choose your favorite or include all of the croc charms on your Crocs. The Renaissance tour is coming. Queen Bey Crocs would not only be appropriate, but also will allow you to dance all night without worrying about your feet hurting. 

That Girl

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Let’s be real. Susie Carmichael was that girl.

She was smart and kind. She was also the only one of the babies who had the range to put Angelica in her place. Susie was just a toddler, but anyone paying attention knows she was an inspiration. If you need a bit of a reminder to be more like her, add one of these adorable Susie Carmichael croc charms on your Crocs.

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