What does self-care mean to you? 

Although we discuss acts of self-care as face masks and yoga classes and days off, it's a much larger conversation than just physical or material things you can do for yourself. It's internal, it's subtle but it's also major in a way that it affects everything you do, how you feel about yourself and how you dedicate your time. And CRWN Magazine, the premium print publication centered around black women's hair culture and lifestyle, just released The Love Issue, which centers around the true meaning of self-love.

The key to understanding and accomplishing anything is to know and love yourself. 

"When we know ourselves, when we tap into our innate power and purpose…we begin to operate from a place of stability," says Lindsey Day, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of CRWN Mag, "This enables us to form authentic, lasting bonds and run our households with a sense of security. Self-Love helps us to see ourselves in our sisters and brothers — encouraging collaboration and wealth-building over competition. This is the path to ownership and autonomy for our people."

So if you're looking for a substitute for strictly romantic-relationship-based love content during the month of February (and beyond), look no further. Understanding and working to strengthen the first love, love of self, is a key that will open many more doors for you, something that this issue will prove.

“In the first issue, we introduced CRWN and provided context for the cultural phenomenon that is happening around Black women and our hair,” says Day, “In The Love Issue, we delve deeper into one of CRWN’s brand pillars — Self-Love. Our cover girls are Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory of health and wellness platform, Black Girl In Om. Over 156 pages, we feature them plus dozens of entrepreneurs, creatives, personalities, mothers and daughters — sharing their stories of healing & growth, their creative works, their hair & beauty tips… Through CRWN, we aim to change how the world sees Black women, by first changing the way we see ourselves.”

You can pick up your own 'The Love Issue' now.