Clear communication and empowered self-expression are what an activated throat chakra looks like. Read on to find out what the 6 most powerful crystals for the throat chakra can do for your sense of self-worth.

What are chakras?

The chakra system is comprised of seven main energy centers in the body. The origin of the chakra system is found in the writings of the Vedas, an ancient Indian text. Notably the word ‘chakra’ comes from the Sanskrit word which translates to wheel. When the energy flows easily through the chakras, or the wheels, there is harmony and unblocked free-flowing energy.

What to know about the throat chakra

The throat chakra is known for being the energetic center for awakening the power of your voice. The Sanskrit word for this chakra ‘Vishuddha’ translates to ‘pure’ or ‘purification’. The color associated with the throat chakra is blue which speaks to the purifying and clarifying process of opening up and becoming freer. Often the throat chakra is understood to be the connector between the heart chakra and the higher, mental chakras. As the fifth energy center in the body, it is the first of the spiritual centers and relates to the thyroid gland.

When balanced, the throat chakra exudes an assertive, confident, and self-aware approach to life. This is the chakra of listening and being heard, so having positive and affirming language exchange usually occurs. When this chakra is unbalanced, there is an element of timidness, lack of awareness of the power of your words, poor communication, and people-pleasing tendencies. Balancing the throat chakra using crystals on your body or in your home helps to boost easeful communication.

6 crystals for the throat chakra to add to your collection

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of friendship and total truth. It is often associated with the throat chakra and used for those who want to speak eloquently and purposefully in social situations. This is ideal for those who feel blocked in expressing their truth and who hold in repressed emotions. Strengthen your communication and watch as your closest bonds and relationships become stronger too with this stone.


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Turquoise is said to be one of the oldest healing stones in the world. Worn as a talisman for protection and as a way to promote spiritual strength, it is an ideal companion when leaning into throat chakra healing. Keep turquoise on your person or as jewelry to encourage deeper levels of calm which will help with projecting your voice. As a crystal for the throat chakra especially, it heals old wounds and creates space for new versions of selfhood to thrive.


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Who can resist the glimmering hues of Labradorite as a spiritually, emotionally, and mentally restorative stone for inner balancing? Labradorite is known for its potent healing abilities, especially when trying to dissolve heavy, negative energies. Labradorite, aka the Stone of Transformation and Courage, makes the list as an iridescent crystal for the throat chakra since it stimulates mental clarity. It is a much-needed tool in tapping into divine purpose and letting go of old narratives so you can be your authentic self.


If you’re looking for a crystal for the throat chakra that releases fear, Larimar will be your next addition. This is a stone that is known for promoting ease to counter fearsome or low vibrational emotions. Self-imposed blockages are also worked through with a Larimar stone. Meditating with this stone with help push through limitations and will forge an inner wisdom connection to the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra.


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A positive force in your crystal collection, Sodalite is all about the higher realms. As a stone that connects the third eye chakra to the throat chakra, it is best used with deeper intuitive connections in mind. Speak with magic on your side and be emboldened by the soft but creative ways to express your inner voice with this stone dubbed the ‘Poets stone’. It is also a useful stone for those looking to manifest and write themselves into new realities beyond restrictions.


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There is no other crystal for the throat chakra more representative of plunging into your deepest fears than Aquamarine. The talisman of the seas carries with it an otherworldly calming energy that many civilizations have cherished and used for protection from drowning or to bring prosperity. Working with Aquamarine to alleviate anxiety and disempowerment is a great way to open up the throat chakra. It is a crystal of depth, self-knowing, and not being intimidated by the preceding cleansing in order to be truly healed.

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