The bat signal was sent out for Curly Girl Collective’s annual CURLFEST event after being gone for two years. Ladies, they have heard our cries and gave us even more. The team behind the festival that highlights Black hair, gave us a warm up with CURLFEST RollerSet in Brooklyn, and let me tell you that the vibes were immaculate!

You may ask yourself, “why roller skating?” Well, this is the organization’s second time around with RollerSet! But above all else, roller skating in on the east coast specifically is embedded into our culture. Many Black people grew up in the skating rinks, even if it was just to hang out by the arcade or to get on 8 wheels and do some damage on the floor.


One thing I think is a trend amongst Black women as of lately is honoring their inner child and healing her. What better way to get in touch with her than to do some of the things you loved back then, like roller skating?

The beauty of the event was that there were women of all walks of life at the event. From children, to the aunties, everyone was present to celebrate and come together after a very long and dark pandemic.

The importance of an event like this is about the  acceptance of our own Black hair in all settings. Black hair
(specifically in its natural state) has been frowned upon for years. Luckily, The CROWN act has been passed but there is so much unlearning we have to do even aside from being legality protected. These events remind us that it’s okay to be who we are naturally, no matter where we are.

It was beautiful to see so many women showing up to RollerSet with their unique and creative hairstyles. Everyone showed up and showed out!

Samantha Ellis

The sense of community that was felt at CURLFEST RollerSet has us excited for its official return! Make sure to stay locked in to Curly Girl Collective for more updates.