Da Brat can’t help but gush about her wife.

“Yeah, she absolutely takes me out of my comfort zone,” the rapper said about Jesseca Harris-Dupart, who is often referred to as Judy. “But I think it’s a great thing that I get to show more vulnerability when I kinda hated it at first ’cause I was like, ‘I don’t want people to see me soft.’ It was a thing like you don’t wanna be seen as soft ’cause I feel like when people see you soft or they know you’re weak side, that’s when they take advantage of you, you know.”  

21Nintey sat down with the couple turned business partners to talk all about their relationship together, their new baby, and the next phase of their lives.

Da Brat And Judy’s Love Story

Da Brat and Judy’s love has been infectious since they made their relationship public. Brat came out as a lesbian in 2020, but her romance with her now-wife started years prior. Judy credits herself for their connection. “

We’re at the studio and we’re talking and time is passing and we talk about different things that we’re interested in,” Judy recalls. “And I turned and I said, well, I’m interested in you.”

Brat says that she has never experienced someone as direct as Judy before. She mentioned that once Judy revealed she was interested in her, she couldn’t gather herself.

“I tried to smoke a blunt, I burnt a hole in the couch. My nerves were shot after that. I tried to drink something, I missed my mouth. My nerves and my swag was absolutely gone. Like I was hiding from her. I became like shy, overwhelmingly shy,” Brat revealed.

After their first meeting, the two had a few dates in Atlanta and began their journey together. It now includes a reality show on WeTV called “Brat Loves Judy.” Fans get to see the ins and outs of their relationship, business and family ties. Going on season three, the couple plans to share much more than they have before. Although it can be difficult to share your day-to-day life with the whole world, the couple feels like they are doing it for the right reasons.

“We get so many different messages and so many different comments,” Judy said. “So many different people that say you helped me through this and watching y’all resolve y’all issues about this helped me be able to open up and talk to my partner about this because it was just a hard conversation to have that makes it all worth it.”

Oh Baby!

The couple is welcoming a new addition to their family in just a few months and they are beyond excited. Brat says that this experience is all still very surreal to her.

“First of all, I had no idea I would ever be ‘pregnant pregnant.’ So I think when other people were pregnant it was like, oh yeah, they’re pregnant, whatever. But it is a major thing like it is like a miracle. Like there’s a person in my belly and there’s another heartbeat happening like inside of me,” she said.

Judy has been Brat’s support system throughout the entirety of the pregnancy. The mogul already has three children of her own and she feels her expertise helps Brat in those times where she has questions about the process.

“I think it’s been a blessing. I feel like we have a unique situation where she can have a partner that can say, ‘that’s gonna be all right. Things are fine,'” she says. “I think for me it’s just very satisfying to watch my wife fall in love with our baby along the way, you know, the whole entire time.”

The Dupart-Harris family is growing just as large as their love. They have also turned into business partners. The two have collaborated on the new Kaleidescope x Da Brat hair care line. The products are made specifically for protective styles. Da Brat’s has rocked creative protective styles throughout her career including in her music videos and in daily life. The couple is excited to step into their next adventure with love at the center of it all.