Da’Naia Jackson has revealed shocking details about her marriage to relationship coach and former partner Derrick Jaxn. Jackson, while on the Dear Future Wifey podcast, shared vulnerable details about her relationship with Jaxn since their split in December 2022. Jackson highlighted Jaxn’s infidelity, which Jaxn openly admitted to, and its disastrous effects on her mental health and sense of self. 

“I went in such a deep hole where I was like studying these women. I would go to their profiles, and I would study their pages and like what they wear,” she revealed. “I knew when they had met up. I watched their videos of them having sex, so I would try to imitate that and recreate that in our relationship so that he could choose me.” 

Infidelity and Reconciliation

In 2022, Derrick Jaxn was embroiled in a cheating scandal. This was particularly of note as he is a self-described “relationship expert” who has authored several books on the subject of cheating and healthy relationships. Jaxn regularly received criticism from other men who claimed the YouTuber pandered to women. The scandal threw the internet into a frenzy, with many pointing out his hypocrisy. The situation took a dramatic turn, however, when Jackson, who was still Jaxn’s wife at the time, openly defended her husband and publicly declared her intentions to stay with him. This decision by Jackson prompted numerous threads on Twitter, op-eds, cultural analyses, memes, parody skits and unending conversation. The primary consensus was that religion had conditioned Jackson to remain in the toxic relationship. She is openly Christian.

A Predicted Split

In mid-December, the blogger Tasha K posted video footage of Derrick Jaxn partying in Miami with another woman. Not long after, Jaxn announced his separation from Jackson.

“From falling in love as just teenagers, to becoming spouses and now co-parents, I’m grateful for the years we’ve spent together and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I was blessed to have such an amazing person in my life and will forever be thankful for all she’s meant to our family,” Jaxn mused in his official divorce statement.

For many who had been following the situation, this was an unsurprising end to the unsavory situation. Per Jackson’s latest revelations, the ordeal was much worse than many knew. 

Healing and Moving On

In Jackson’s sit down with podcast’s host, the mother of two shared that she regrets comparing herself to the women her husband was cheating with.

“I hate that it even got to a point where that was a thing… I became a shell of myself,” Jackson revealed referring to her statement that she knew other women’s bodies better than her own.

Since their divorce, Jackson has shared her healing journey on her Instagram account. She often quotes Bible verses as a part of the process. Jaxn has not shared a reaction to Jackson’s podcast interview.