Actress Danielle Pinnock is making one bride’s dream come true. The “Ghosts” star informed celebrity private chef Adriánna Guillory that she wanted to be her fairy godmother after the chef posted a video about her upcoming nuptials.

Pinnock wrote, “Bippity Boppity HEY BOO! @lagniappecakes let me help you get Wedding Ready sis!”

Pinnock’s sweet offer was in response to a social media video Guillory created admitting that her wedding was about two months away and she had nothing ready – florist, dress, etc. Pinnock stitched that video, popping onto the screen as Guillory was explaining her dilemma.

“Does someone need a fairy godmother?” an excited Pinnock said. “October 14th? WE NEED TO GET GOING! Jack and I celebrated our ten-year anniversary last week, so I am in the spirit of wedding, okay.”

Danielle Pinnock Renews Wedding Vows

Pinnock recently renewed her vows and and didn’t break the bank doing so. She says she stuck to a budget while celebrating her marriage.

“There is no shame in having a wedding on a budget because trust that vow renewal was on a budget,” she continued.

The actress suggested different ways for Guillory to get the wedding she wants and needs in a budget-friendly manner. For instance, they could invest in bouquet arrangements from Whole Foods rather than a professional florist. Pinnock continued explaining how the couple’s love is the most important part of the wedding.

“I know for sure I can help you find a bridal dress,” Pinnock proclaimed. “I love Adriánna so much I’ve been following her TikTok for a really long time. She’s a celebrity private chef. She gives back to her community in so many incredible ways. Let me help you, at the very least, get your wedding dress and some florals together for this. Hit me up!”

And Guillory’s response was the icing on the cake!

“DANIELLE!! I am SOBBING! I love you so much! I would be honored for you to be my fairy god mother!!” she said.