Singer and dancer DaniLeigh was arrested early Tuesday morning on a felony hit-and-run charge. According to an arrest report from the Miami Beach Police Department, Danileigh, whose real name is Danielle Leigh Curiel, was was driving drunk on South Beach and weaving in and out of traffic. Police say the 28-year-old hit a moped rider and kept on driving. Curiel is accused of dragging the scooter along with her for about a block before officers eventually caught up with her.

One Person Injured

According to the arrest report, Curiel was driving a Mercedes-Benz G550, also known as a G-Wagon, at the time of the incident. She was reportedly on her way back from a memorial day party. The report states that Curiel was driving recklessly; speeding and meandering through traffic. This was on Washington Avenue. The singer is said to have hit the moped rider at 11th Street and continued driving without slowing down to inspect the crash. Curiel was later forced to stop somewhere near 16th Street. The police report alleges that Curiel had initially kept on driving even after being asked by officers to pull over. The moped driver Curiel allegedly hit is alive. He is said to have suffered a kidney laceration along with a spinal fracture.

Drunk Driving

In addition to the felony hit-and-run charge brought against the singer, she has also been given two drunk driving citations. The official police report claims that Curiel’s car smelled of alcohol. It also notes that her motor skills were “sluggish”.  Officers found an empty bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila in the car, according to the report. 

According to police, Curiel told officers she “never hit” anyone and had not consumed any alcohol. A breathalyzer test carried out by the police however states otherwise. Two breath tests came back at 0.145% and 0.148%. Results that are over the legal limit.

Upon last check, Curiel is no longer listed in Miami-Dade jail records.