All of us, for the most part, have dealt with acne at one point in our lives. It either happened when we hit puberty, during that time of the month, when we were pregnant, or for no reason at all. 

When this happens, you always scout the best acne products to use and might find yourself spending lots of money on creams, serums, and treatments you don’t need. What if there was a more cost-efficient way of treating acne? Maybe a plant growing out in the garden? Your diet? We think so! Here is a list of seven ways to treat acne without using skincare products. 


Your Diet

Eating low-glycemic foods made of complex carbohydrates may reduce your risk of developing acne. Complex carbohydrates are found in whole grains, legumes, and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Got a sweet tooth, munch on some carrots, apricots, and sweet potatoes. How about brown rice, quinoa or beans, peas, and lentils. It’s so many options for you to choose from that we’re sure will satisfy your taste buds while treating acne at the same time.



While your diet plays a big part in how your skin looks so does your liquor intake. Did you know there are about five drinks you can sip on to help treat that ugly acne of yours? Of course, you know about water and the importance it has on your skin. There’s also spearmint tea and green tea with lemon. Like shots? Try alma and ginger shots. The list goes on and on. Try it!


Pillowcase for Acne

Yes, there is such a thing as a pillowcase for acne! Before we even get into that, changing out your pillowcases regularly can improve your skin tremendously so start there. Once you’ve gotten in the habit of that be on the lookout for the least absorbent material you can find in a pillowcase, and once again, you should also be diligent about washing it frequently.

Also, look for an antimicrobial spray solution designed to disinfect your pillowcase and keep oil and dirt from transferring to your skin as you sleep.



Exercise to fight away the pimples, it’s a good tool for combatting breakouts. When you’re working out, you’re going to sweat, it’s a no-brainer. But this is a good thing, as sweat has a positive effect! Your pores open up and excess sebum and dirt are removed naturally.


Let’s Get Physical

If we haven’t convinced you yet, then maybe this activity will spark your interest. According to, two dermatologists attest that sex is great for the skin! “Like other forms of exercise, sex increases blood flow to the skin, which will give you a brighter complexion.” 

Also, if you’re not aware sex can help to balance your hormone levels, which may help in keeping your skin clear.


Wash Your Hands

This here is an easy one! Just wash your hands. Yes. If you haven’t already mastered this one during the pandemic then we don’t know what to tell you. It’s very simple though. Don’t touch your face unless you absolutely have to and if you do, make sure your hands are clean first! You want to kill pimple-causing bacteria.


Warm Compress

Just like a heating pad helps with cramps, it helps with acne too! A warm compress can help ease pain from acne. They’re especially helpful once a whitehead begins to form. Don’t have a heating pad? No worries! Just place a clean washcloth in hot water but make sure the water isn’t too hot to avoid burning your skin. Apply the towel to the affected area and ‘Voila!’