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If staying hydrated is back at the top of your to-do list, welcome to the club. Lime water will be your best friend if you plan to drink more water and feel good inside. The citrus fruit is packed with goodness in more ways than you might expect. Be prepared for limes to become your main squeeze and the fruit that keeps surprising you. These are the top hidden benefits of lime water that you should know about:

Lime has antimicrobial properties

Lime is proven to have antimicrobial properties which is a huge benefit. This means that it effectively controls bacterial growth, including mold.

High levels of Vitamin C

While lemon is known to have higher contents of vitamin C, lime is still an excellent source of this vital vitamin. One lime contains 19.5 mg of vitamin C, which is great news for your cold/flu-recovery time. With great levels of Vitamin C, you can expect lime water to help boost your immune system over time. Immune-boosting lime will help aid your defenses against fighting colds and cases of flu like never before.

A well-supported immune system will also lead to better stress management. When the mind/body is overwhelmed by stress, the immune system will be the first to suffer. Actively building your immune system’s defenses by including things like lime water in your routine will be a huge benefit.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Since limes are a key source of vitamin C, they’re also linked to having anti-inflammatory properties. This is because vitamin C acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. If you’re looking for something to help control inflammation, lime water may be a useful drink to incorporate into your day.

A study reported that those who consumed insufficient levels of vitamin C were more than three times as likely to develop arthritis.

Get glowy skin by drinking lime water

The combination of lime and water may help you achieve that glowy skin that you’ve been dreaming of. While experts recommend drinking high levels of water to improve overall skin health, limes are equally as important. The high levels of vitamin C and flavonoids in limes ensures that your skin remains rejuvenated. Often, you’ll find that certain topical skincare products include vitamin C and flavanoids for this reason. The antioxidant properties found in limes are ideal for strengthening collagen.

May reduce the risk of heart disease

Limes are known to be a great source of magnesium and potassium. Drinking lime water is a great (and delicious) way to improve heart health then.

Since one of the benefits of potassium is naturally lowering blood pressure and improving blood circulation, you can reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke when regularly drinking lime water.

Lowers blood sugar

If you are diabetic, a daily dose of lime water might be just what you need. Limes are helpful in regulating how your body absorbs sugar into the bloodstream. In fact, the soluble fiber found in the peels, juice, and pulp of limes (and lemons) might help to better manage your diabetes. Using lime water to help manage the spikes in blood sugar levels has long been used in diabetes health since limes possess a low glycemic index.

A gentle reminder to stay hydrated

There are many benefits to staying hydrated whether you’re using citrus to motivate you or going without it. The main thing is that you’re getting your daily water intake. If you need a prompt, this water bottle helps you visualize how much water to drink to stay properly hydrated.

A citrus juicer is also a super-handy tool to have near for when you want to add a little zest to your day.

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