Whether you’re rocking your hair natural, relaxed, weaved or anything in between; making sure your hair is healthy should be your top priority. Much like our skin, growing and maintaining our hair is as much of an inside job as outside. The truth is, we can do all the work on our hair with products and productive styles to boot but, ultimately, what we put in our bodies can be impeding us from optimum scalp and hair health. 

So, here are some foods to avoid to protect your crown!


Ugh, I know. I love a good bag of chips too but salt is the main culprit in congesting our scalp leading to issues like dandruff, breakage and overall dryness. Be mindful of your sodium intake if you’re looking to achieve that naturally shiny mane. 

Overly Processed Foods

Anything that comes in a package should be eaten in small doses if you want that internal glow up that contributes to healthy hair. Chemicals, dyes and lots of of sugar are usually all major ingredients in highly processed foods. None of those things aid us in looking or feeling our best. 


Sis, I know. But alcohol can dry you out and one of the main components of healthy hair is…moisture. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink or three but take into account how much you’re drinking and try to match your water intake with it. Your skin and your hair will both thank you. No filter necessary. 

Foods With High Levels of Mercury

We all love a good sushi roll but mercury is not a friend when it comes to hair retention. Fishes like tuna, swordfish and mackerel can all contain high levels of mercury that can actually contribute to hair loss. Absolutely not! Stick to fish with healthy fats like salmon and halibut if seafood is your thing!

Sugar and Starches

Pasta, white bread, cakes…is your mouth watering? I feel you. Unfortunately, refined grains turn into sugar in our bodies and we all know the health concerns link to that sweet temptation. Try to stick to whole wheat options or indulge only once in a while. Healthy and hair friendly sugar cravings can be satisfied through fruits like berries, grapes and pineapples.